Okay, first things first, my calls:

House, GOP at 243

Senate, 51 GOP. Here are details…


NY gubernatorial, Dem victory. Zelden almost pulls it off, but not quite. Though this is the best Republican chance of a major upset.

Nevada, GOP wins both US Senate and gubernatorial. Bodes ill for Dems in ’24.

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Maryland, Dem gubernatorial win. Dem walkover. Republicans nominate Trumpster in blue state. Not bright.

Alaska, US Senate, GOP win, as Kelly Tshibaka takes it. Palin loses for Congress.

Florida, Republican sweep. DeSantis bolsters 2024 chances by beating the crap out of Crist. Rubio beats Demings. Florida remains solid red due to very popular DeSantis.

Arkansas gubernatorial, Republican win. Sarah Huckabee Sanders wins here and immediately becomes presidential prospect.

Arizona, GOP sweep. Lake wins and goes into running for Trump veep possibility. Masters takes Kelly in a bit of an upset.

New Hampshire US Senate, Dem win. Same as Maryland. Bad casting.

Texas gubernatorial, Republican win. Abbott trounces Beto, as soy boy loses yet again. Gawd knows what O’Rourke will run for next.

Oregon gubernatorial, GOP win. In an upset, Drazan takes Kotek.

Wisconsin 3rd congressional district, GOP victory. Former SEAL Derrick Van Orden wins and immediately shoots to the front of the pack of GOP freshmen.

Wisconsin US Senate, GOP win. Johnson beats Barnes. Bad news for Dems in ’24. They need Wisconsin to win nationally.

Georgia, GOP sweep, US Senate runoff. Kemp and Raffensperger win in a stinging rebuke to Trump. Neither Warnock nor Walker win 50 percent and it goes to January runoff. Please Trump, stay out of it in January. Your 2021 damage was quite enough. But Republicans will get to 51 and Senate control without this one included.

Colorado US Senate, Dem win. O’Dea put up brave fight, but Colorado too blue to take it.

Ohio US Senate, GOP win. Vance beats Ryan. Vance will be an excellent senator and is definitely presidential timber.

Pennsylvania, mixed bag. Republican win in US Senate, Dem win in gubernatorial. Oz will win, but barely. Debate turned a lot of independents off of Fetterman. The Oprah endorsement won’t matter at all. In fact, it generates sympathy for Oz. The potential for Dem hijinks here is very high, as the PA Dem Party is the most corrupt state party organization in America. As for gubernatorial, same as in Maryland and New Hampshire. Wrong candidate per state political profile.

Michigan gubernatorial, Dem win. Tudor Dixon is very comely. But may not have the political appeal to emerge victorious. Minor chance of an upset.

South Dakota gubernatorial, GOP win. Easy Noem victory. She goes right into ’24 presidential sweepstakes.

If Republicans take Senate Manchin may switch parties. He badly wants to be in the In Crowd.

Why will all of this happen? Republicans listened to voter concerns in crime, inflation, border. Democrats played to their own choir with abortion and Chicken Little scare tactics on the state of democracy. Plus, Biden is a giant anvil around their necks.