The Democrats have been legislating evil for a while now. One of the most recent examples is their war against the police and letting criminals out to offend over and over again.

The Democrats have a real disdain for the average tax-paying law-abiding citizen who pull their own weight. That is because those folks don’t vote for Democrats. They are the “deplorables” –

the folks working hard for a living, the churchgoers, the average Americans who try to do the right thing.

Instead of caring about votes from those people, over and over again, the organized crime operation that is called the Democrat Party is able to succeed at the ballot box based by putting together a radical alliance of anti-American voters – a hodge-podge assemblage of voters including the elitist and upper class, the ignorant, government workers, school employees, union workers, the folks who vote for a “D” not matter who it is, the teenagers, criminals, transgenders, college students who want handouts, minorities who don’t understand that the Democrats are actually their enemies – and throw in some voter fraud and a bunch of rules like no voter ID so that Democrats can benefit in local, state and federal elections.

But there are also the evil. I used to think the evil folks were mostly the politicians but as it turns out, some of the Democrat voters are just as evil.

Because in Montana last week, they voted to kill babies. A Republican-led referendum, House Bill LC 167, would have guaranteed that any infant born at any stage of a pregnancy would get protections as a “legal person” and there would be criminal penalties on any medical workers who don’t provide adequate medical care to the babies.

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It was called the “Born-Alive Infant Protection Act.”
The vote failed with 52.4% of the voters saying no.
Because if a woman want to abort her baby, it MUST happen, no matter what. These voters are just PURE EVIL. No way around it. Sick people.

Actor James Woods tweeted, “For a state to vote against compassionate care for an infant born alive is unimaginable, expected MAYBE from the usual moral hellholes like NY and CA, of course, but Montana?! The Left’s war on the unborn is legendary, grooming now sadly part of their jihad, but outright murder?”

On the website of the organization “Compassion for Montana Families” who spent more than $1 million to fight the law, they called it an “extreme government mandate” that “allows politicians to interfere with deeply personal and difficult medical decisions that should be left between families and their healthcare providers.”

I’m actually hoping that we have a LOT of voter fraud in this country, especially in Montana, because the other alternative is that we’re living among true evil in this country.