A recent article in The Daily Mail about a national shortage of Santa Clauses could be just the tip of the ice berg. If the demand for Santas is up 30% with 2,250 jobs open across the country, I am sure that the REAL Santa must also be having hard times at the North Pole finding Elves to work around the clock to make toys.

After all, who wants to hold a job in a cold cold environment under THAT kind of stress and a major deadline when you can sit back and play video games in your parents basement, ordering dinner from Door Dash and living on easy street?

The Daily Mail reported that HireSanta.com is having a hard time meeting the high-volume demand of Santa requests. But that is probably not nearly as bad as the Elf shortage that Saint Nick must be having.

If you look at the Elf HQ website, you will be that even if you WANT to help Santa and become an elf, it’s no easy job. It takes “time, experience, education, training and connections.” For some, it can take many many years. Unlike the military, it doesn’t look like Santa is going to be watering down his requirements just to get a few more warm bodies.

And in addition to meeting the difficult requirements of the job, you will also be required to take the Elf Oath where you make many promises including to be careful, judicious and confidential. That pretty much bans Amazon workers. And, of course, you must keep Santa’s secrets.

Skills required include knowing how to make and play with toys, liking cookies, believing in Santa, being reindeer-friendly, liking Christmas lights, a knowledge of building snowmen and having good vision. You’ll also have to write an essay and explain (in 50K words or less) why you would be a good Elf.

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With less than four weeks left until Christmas, the HR Department in Santa’s Workshop better hop to it or there will be many disappointed kiddos all over the plant who aren’t going to be as understanding as WE are when we go somewhere and don’t get what we want because of “staff shortages.”