The way the Left and others are treating Joe Biden you’d think he’d already lost both houses of Congress and was facing a 25th Amendment fight.

From the ultraliberal NYT: “President Biden verbally fumbled during a campaign swing in Florida on Tuesday, confusing the American war in Iraq with the Russian war in Ukraine, and then he fumbled again while he tried to correct himself, misstating how his son Beau died in 2015…Mr. Biden, who at 79 is the oldest president in American history, has a long record of gaffes dating back to when he was a young man. But his misstatements have become more pronounced, and more noticed, now that he has the spotlight of the presidency constantly on him.” Conservatives jumped on this with glee.

Conservative media personality Erick Erickson tweeted, “This is only the beginning. After the bloodbath that is coming, the Times is going to do a full story with White House sources on Biden’s decline.”

George Will, in another reliable lib rag, the WaPo, said, “In 2024, the Republican Party might present the nation with a presidential nominee whose unfitness has been demonstrated. After next Tuesday’s sobering election results, Democrats should resolve not to insult and imperil the nation by doing likewise.” He wants Biden, who he voted for in 2020, and Harris to drop out of the 2024 race.

On Biden gaffes regarding the student loan bailout Will wrote, “Biden was not merely again embellishing his achievements. This is not just another of his verbal fender benders. There is no less-than-dismaying explanation for his complete confusion. What vote? Who voted?…It is frightening that Biden does not know, or remember, what he recently did regarding an immensely important policy. He must be presumed susceptible to future episodes of similar bewilderment. He should leave the public stage on Jan. 20, 2025.”

As a coup de grace for Harris, Will went with,”She sounds, as a critic has said, like someone giving a book report on a book she has not read. Complacency and arrogance make a ruinous combination… Biden is not just past his prime; even adequacy is in his past. And this is Harris’s prime.”

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Thus two of the Left’s most reliable publications printed articles saying what Republicans and the Right have been saying since 2020: Biden is dangerously senile and Harris is an airhead. About time they got the memo.

Of course, hard lefties went after both publications with a vengeance. Some called the papers Russian stooges, others said by criticizing Biden the rags were imperiling democracy, others merely expressed themselves in a common two word Anglo-Saxon expletive.

And there you have it, the opening shots of the blame game for the loss of the House and possibly the Senate, not to mention some likely gubernatorial upsets. The knives are out, Democrats are slicing away at each other, and it’s only going to get worse. For them.