There are currently legitimate polls giving Republicans fighting chances in blue states like New York, Colorado, and Connecticut. Is it just a great GOP message and exciting candidates?

That’s part of it. But more so is the absolute dog’s breakfast that the Democrat Party has become. They can’t put a foot right. The news cycle is conspiring against them, as their insane policies are coming home to roost.

Even when Gavin Newsom tried to make hay out of the attack on Paul Pelosi, everyone was snickering under their breath that it was a gay rendezvous gone sideways. And then the assailant? Turns out to be an illegal immigrant, from Canada no less.

The Democrats are snakebit.

If you’ve ever worked a campaign, I mean really been in on one, either a winning or a losing effort, there is a certain feeling starting about the last two weeks. For an incipient successful campaign there is an ineffable hum. You can feel the energy flowing into a crescendo.

But for a losing effort there is a nervous anxiety in the pit of your stomach that tells you it’s slipping away. Dems I’ve talked to tell me they can feel just that, an impending doom that is certain and remorseless. It’s like slowly walking over a cliff with no control over your legs, being propelled against your desires by a malevolent force of the general will.

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The big motivating factor in this? Crime. Yes, the economy is right up there. But in states where independents and even liberals are leaving Dems high and dry it is crime.

You see, Democrats and the left love to issue pronouncements about the way other people live as long as it doesn’t gore their ox. BLM and Antifa are fine to them unless those groups march in a lib neighborhood. Then it’s DEF CON 1.

No bail for dangerous criminals is wonderful to the left in theory. However, when a miscreant appears too close to the country club then something has to be done.

That is certainly the case in New York. From Fox, “A New York mother who is grieving the murder of her daughter, which was allegedly carried out by the daughter’s estranged husband, blamed Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul’s support for the state’s no-cash-bail law for the woman’s murder. ‘She should be charged for the crime. She’s also responsible for the crime,’ Tammy Hudson told The New York Post this week of Hochul.” Independents and had it up to here libs read about things such as this and their last nerve is twanged. They may not vote Republican, but they may just sit on their hands and not vote at all in certain races. Which is almost just as good for the GOP.

That’s why Zelden has a shot in a blue state like New York and may even do well in the City, aka Sex Criminal Island. Kari Lake is riding the border issue to a probable win in purple Arizona. Even the Senate races in Colorado and Connecticut, long thought invulnerable Democrat territory, are in play. This makes Dems spend endgame resources covering supposedly safe flanks.

This trend, at latest analysis, puts the Republicans at over 240 in the House and 51 or 52 in the Senate. Pray it’s 51 before a possible Georgia runoff. We don’t need a repeat of January 2021 in the Peach State.