While Biden and the Democrats ignore the invasion at the southern border (that they’re purposely causing), they’re also ignoring the Fentanyl crisis. It’s a small price to pay for unlimited power, which they think they will achieve when they give amnesty and voting rights to millions and millions of illegal aliens.

The numbers are grim. According to the Republicans on the Committee on Energy and Commerce, in 2021, almost 108,000 people died of drug overdoses with 71,000 of those dying from Fentanyl or Fentanyl-related substances. Sadly, illicit Fentanyl overdose deaths among teens accounted for 77% of adolescent overdose deaths in 2021. It’s now the #1 cause of death among adults 18-45.

Fentanyl is getting through the open borders at record rates. The latest data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows that three times more Fentanyl was seized in the first eight months of 2022 than the entire year of 2020. And that’s just the stuff that’s being caught coming over the border.

And even those who are getting caught selling the drug seem to be let go, just like all of the other criminals that the Democrats aren’t keeping in jail.

In New York City, a man was caught with 20,000 Fentanyl pills. Surprisingly, he was arrested. But unsurprisingly, he was released and back on the streets the same day.

He’s obviously not a danger to anyone, right? I’m sure he learned his lesson and didn’t go right back out that day and continue to sell Fentanyl pills.

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After all, Biden and the Democrats have made if very difficult (wink wink) to bring drugs into our country. Not only have they told us that the border is secure, we also have our great President Biden working on the Fentanyl crisis day and night.

I you don’t believe me, just Google “Biden Fentanyl” and you’ll come up with all kinds stories about his concern and policy initiatives to fight the problem.