Just like Memorial Day, Americans have morphed a day of remembrance into a feast of plenty. And if some of us are thankful, the question remains, for what? Several days after the hullabaloo of the holiday it is a valid question.

Some Americans, perhaps a majority, clearly are not thankful and are even resentful of the sentiment of the day. They have been programmed to be so by decades of conditioning.

Hence the Indian aspect, and not the traditional one, to modern Thanksgiving celebrations. We are told by our pseudoelites that the pilgrims were genocidal racists who plundered the land and raped the inhabitants. Or maybe, the other way around. I forget.

So naturally the day and the entire genesis of America is looked upon with revulsion by the unenlightened and that attitude has consequences. Here in Annapolis we saw them recently.

A seemingly normal couple, he a Navy engineer and she a woke school teacher, were arrested earlier in the year for espionage against the United States. They had a nice house, a comfortable living, and her private school is very prestigious. But the conditioning bit deep. The woke signs around their home were clues, as were their ostentatiously counterculture look. However, they were accepted by the local gentry as equals and not suspected of the slightest improprieties.

Sure they supported a left wing terrorist group like BLM. They bandied about all the usual leftist exaggerations and lies about America, though sadly no Tailgunner Joe was around to put them through their paces. So they prospered until they took one step too far. Score one for the FBI. These days, they need the win.

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What they refused to be thankful for was what others merely forget. The thing is, this nation is a rarity in the history of man. Most of the West is.

From Magna Carta to 1688, from the Constitution to D-Day, from Selma to the Hobbs decision, we are a nation that has mightily tried to do good and mostly succeeded. When we have screwed the pooch, like slavery and Japanese internment, we have made amends and then some.

The vast majority of nations in history go from folly to folly led by madmen and despots. They bring death, carnage, and poverty. This is the norm. We are different and we need to be very grateful for it.

So perhaps next Thanksgiving you can take a little time between arguing politics with your divorced aunt’s girlfriend and stuffing your face with holiday goo and say a few words about the founding of America.

Those who left England looking for freedom of thought, who braved seas, who tamed a land and then took the first steps to the dream and reality that is the United States, deserve your thanks and remembrance. If indeed it is only for a minute once a year.