If you’re reading this the odds are you’re conservative. However, some individuals perusing this piece may be of another political persuasion. To you liberals, I have one question: How is your concentration camp cell?

As Republicans are expected to take the House and you told us if this happened it would be a “threat to democracy,” I just followed your logic and assumed the roundups of political malcontents had begun.

No? How is that possible? You said time and time again, as did your elected officials and candidates at every level, that this midterm was about the basic nature of our republic. And yet, we conservatives won much more than we lost and you’re still at large?

Did we somehow overlook you in the fascist oppression that took place when it became obvious we’d take the House? And how are all those leftist papers and television news networks still in operation if democracy has been overturned? Shouldn’t we, by this time, have gone all Seven Days in May on your ass?

On this Veterans Day I, as an Army vet, took you at your word and was hoping to be recalled to duty to ride an MI Abrams down Pennsylvania Avenue on my way to frogmarching Joe and Kamala out of the West Wing.

So, none of this is going to happen? But you promised! Hold on. Could it be, say it ain’t so, that you lied? That every word you uttered during the midterms, including the words “a” and “the,” was a lie? That your entire political message is based on fear? Fear of the climate, fear of Covid, fear of legitimate political discourse, fear of Republicans, fear of pronouns, fear of just about everything?

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It seems so. Because three days after the election you are still swanning about free as a lark. What’s also interesting about this scenario, in a very ironic sense, is that you belong to the party that is for censorship, a one party state, and the “cancellation” of people and institutions with whom you disagree with. This makes you the actual threat to democracy, not us.

I think the mental health pros call this projection. You took all your vile fascist ideas and projected them upon conservatives and Republicans, knowing full well you, not us, are the daggers pointed at the heart of American representative government.

Of course, maybe we’re merely waiting to send in our shock troops when we officially go over 218 in the House. If I’m lucky I’ll still get the call that says I’m immediately to report to an Army Reserve unit to celebrate Veterans Day with some commie hunting. Ah, the very thought rings with the pure frisson of overwhelming pleasure.

If that doesn’t happen and you and your mouthpieces remain free, then your whole “threat to democracy” scam will be shown to be another in a long series of big fascist lies you tell to get the gullible and twisted to vote your way. Darkly amusing really, it if wasn’t so bloody sad.