So the Democrats say they are sorry (they are not) and want Covid amnesty for all of their bad decisions. No way. Not a chance. Not gonna do it. Bite me.

The Atlantic came out with a laughable article recently titled, “Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” and most don’t appear to be buying what they are selling.

The Democrats governed from a position of unchecked power during the pandemic, not science or medicine. Science and medicine and facts were in front of them most of the time and they refused to use that information in their decisions.

No, they used fear and misinformation and lies to control the masses, locally, at the state level and federally whenever possible.

They shut us down and locked us in our homes, kept us out of doctor’s offices and hospitals, cancelled weddings and funerals, destroyed our businesses, caused drug addictions and suicides, kept kids out of schools, mandated masks and vaccines, refused treatments and more.

And they did this, not because it was the right thing to do. They did it because they COULD do it and were not willing to give up their power to control us. Give a Democrat a decision to make and it’s the wrong decision almost every time.

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And now The Atlantic says everyone should be forgiven because they were in the “dark.” Uh… no.

They weren’t in the dark actually. They were partisan. They ignored facts. They were vengeful, power hungry and hypocritical.

They were told that they were insane and evil people to put COVID-19 positive people in nursing homes. They did it anyway.

They were told it was unconstitutional to require COVID-19 vaccines. They did it anyway.

They were told that the vaccines were worthless and didn’t stop the spread or infection of COVID-19. They mandated them anyway.

They closed beaches – OUTSIDE BEACHES – in California in the summer of 2020 and had Executive Orders in states like Michigan about where you could go and what you could do when you got there.

They were told not to close schools because there was a low health risk to students but a high risk to their educational progress. They did it anyway.

They partied (without masks) while mandating that we all wear them. They told us to social distance while they were caught at the bars dancing with friends.

So no, I won’t be giving any amnesty to any governmental jerkwads, least of all Michigan’s Governor Whitmer, whose COVID-19 Executive Orders resulted in a good friend of mine dying because he wasn’t able to get the brain surgery, the “elective surgery” that he needed during the pandemic.