The coveted blue checkmark folks – the elite – will have to pony up a little more money in Elon’s Twitterverse. Looks like their monthly fee will be increasing from $4.99 to $19.99.

That’s Biden-nomics, follks.

Everything costs more money with Biden and the Democrats in charge.

But don’t fret. It’s a good thing. It’s fair. There is equity.

Elizabeth Warren always wants the top 3% to pay more. I agree. Ding them.

Those at the top – those with special privileges, definitely do need to pay more – just like the big oil companies, right?

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If the rich and popular elitists want a blue checkmark – something that the rest of us find it hard to acquire even though we are real and we exist – they should have to pay for it.

Why should all of these special folks only pay a mere $4.99 a month when they have so much more money in their bank accounts?


Leftist gun control activitst David Hogg, who is earning a living off his celebrity from a school shooting, isn’t happy about the price increase at all. He tweeted, “Verified people are a major reason why many people are on Twitter in the first place. If anything they should be paying us. Verified accounts bring people to Twitter and help with ad revenue.”

Sorry, David. It looks like you’re going to have to scrape up another $15.00 every month. Maybe skip that Cinnamon Dolce Latte next Friday. Because if you want to be verified, if you want Twitter to confirm your existence, you’ve going to have to come up with 60 more quarters to hand over to Musk.

The Verge reports that if Elon’s employees don’t meet his deadline to launch the new Twitter feature by November 7th, they are gonna get the boot.

Twitter users have an ultimatum as well. If they don’t subscribe to the new Twitter Blue within 90 days of its launch, they’ll lose their checkmark.

They will be un-checked because of the oppressive billionaire.
That’s just really sad. How can you go on and live a decent life without a blue checkmark?

Apparently, there are many who think it’s possible. There’s an online vote on Twitter of almost two million people. 81.7% say they wouldn’t pay to be verified, 5.4% would pay $15 a month, 2.4% would pay $10 a month and 10.4% would pay $5 a month.

So, what is a blue check, anyway? How do you get it and what does it mean?

According to Twitter’s website, it means you are authentic, notable and active.

Authentic: You will need to confirm your identity. Nope, no birth certificate is needed. But you will need to present one of the things that Twitter might request – a website confirmation that links you to who you say you are; racist ID verification from a valid official government-issued identification document; and/or an official email address linked to your domain.

Notable: You must be a “prominently recognized individual or brand.” No, you can’t be Joe Smith, making chocolate chip cookies in your basement. You have to be important. You have to have been in the news or have a profile on Google Trends or have a Wikipedia entry written about you.

You have to matter.

Active: You have to use Twitter a lot, have a profile name and image, have a confirmed email or phone number and you cannot have had a lock-out for violating Twitter rules int he past 12 months.

You can be a special elitist person in a number of categories, according to the Twitter folks, including: government; news organizations (journalists); companies, brands and organizations; entertainment; sports and gaming; activists and organizers; content creators and influential individuals.

Who CAN’T get a blue check? Parody, newsfeed, commentary and unofficial fans accounts. Pets and fictional characters (unless directly affiliated with a verified company, brand or organization or verified entertainment production) – and accounts engaged in severe violations of Twitter policy, harmful activities or hateful content.

According to Scientific American, “You experience your own mind every waking second, but you can only infer the existence of other minds through indirect means.”

That’s where Twitter comes along – for the low price of only $19.99 a month.