At the end of the November 4th CBS Blue Bloods episode, the family gathered around the dinner table like they usually do for their traditional family meal, discussing the week’s events and their personal lives. Their discussions do not always result in agreement on the issues they talk about. There are often dissenters. In fact, most of the dinners involve having the family members having different opinions on things.

At the end of this episode called “Homefront” they talked about a fantasy world of civility that doesn’t seem to exist at the level it used to and said that people (and families) should talk with each other and be civil like the Reagans do.

Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) said at the dinner table, “The world has lost something moving away from traditions like this one.”

But that is the world we live in. And no matter what anyone says, the problem cannot be laid at the feet of Republicans, conservatives and Trump supporters. We are the tolerant ones. We don’t care if you are crazy leftists. We still accept you. In fact, we want to keep you in our lives so that we can convince you to leave the dark side.

But when Trump came along, the line was drawn. The left couldn’t accept Trump or anyone who supported him. And it didn’t matter if they were your best friend, your mom, your boss, or anyone else close to you. If you were a Trump supporter, you were ridiculed and sometimes disowned. You were called names including being “ignorant” and you were accused of wanting to destroy the country.

Businesses were boycotted and relationships were severed…The left has never liked to discuss issues – they just go into character assassination and call their political enemies ignorant and/or evil.

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I laughed a little at the innocence of the Blue Bloods episode and their attempt to do a “lets all get along” episode. It sounded nice and pretty but I don’t expect that many people took it to heart.

Sorry, but it’s too late for that. The media has made sure of that.

Instead of discussing things, the left wants to censor, ridicule, intimidate and be violent in order to get their points across. The 2020 summer of rioting is a prime example of that violence.

And they haven’t stopped.

Whenever they feel they are losing an argument or will lose an upcoming election, they resort to intimidation and violence.

They can complain about January 6th all they want but that was a small group of some crazy people who don’t represent us. On the other hand, it is the go-to plan of the democrats to use intimidation and violence to get their way.

Just recently, a number of things have been happening…

During a Houston Astros victory parade, Republican Senator Ted Cruz had a beer can thrown at him.

Republican NY gubernatorial nominee Lee Zeldin had someone attack him at a speech.

Speaking of Lee Zeldin, a supporter who was at Gov Kathy Hochul event (a POC female) was attacked and choked by a man at the event. The NYC police laughably said that the man was “helping her.” Watch the video.

A Right to Life canvasser in Michigan was shot when going door-to-door trying to convince people to vote against an abortion proposal.

Also in Michigan, in Charlevoix County, homemade tire spikes were found outside of the Charlevoix County GOP office over the weekend.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign received an envelope with “suspicious powder” on Saturday.

This kind of hostility isn’t going away anytime soon when we have a president, a Democrat party, celebrities and the leftist media going after us every day, calling us insurrectionists, a threat to democracy and cockroaches.

Even the old people are at war. A Seattle Times article interviewed some retirees in California about the divisiveness.

Navy veteran Phil Friedman said, “I used to think that I knew what was going on in this country, but I don’t anymore. The divisions are getting deeper…the Democrat just keep moving left…” He’s concerned about the direction of the country and his own safety and now conceals his Jewish identity.

Meanwhile, the crazy Democrats who live near him go around parroting the media narrative about the country being undermined by ultra-right conservatism and white nationalists.

Rebeca Gilad, an international journalist who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico, no longer sees the back-and-forth political dialogue in our country that used to inspire her. She said, “It’s not even about competition any longer. It’s about anger and hate. It’s my way or no way.”

And with the possibility of Trump running for president again, the anger and hate on the left is going to go into overdrive again soon – and last from now until the end of his second term.