When it comes to asking why Democrats do things, there are three reasons: money, power and votes. There is NOTHING else.

So in this case, where we have President Disaster allowing Chevron to drill for oil in socialist Venezuela, it’s about all three.

And one of the best ways to do the things they need to do is through climate change policies.

“Climate change” is a trifecta – a great vehicle for Democrats to pretend they care about the environment to get votes; invest and start “green” businesses to funnel money through and have power over the private sector by controlling/destroying it.

The Democrats don’t care about the environment. It’s a marketing scam. Originally, they thought they’d get money directly via Al Gore’s carbon credits. But they found another way to get the almighty dollar. Their friends start green energy companies and they steer tax money to them. These companies don’t even have to be successful. They just have to exist and then funnel money back to Democratic campaigns.

Obama figured this one out with the Solyndra scam. The Democrats and their media friends promoted Solyndra as the “leader” in sustainable energy but they were anything but. Obama co-signed $535 “loans” to them from the U.S. Dept. of Energy and amazingly enough they filed for bankruptcy in 2011, only four years later.

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Gee… I wonder how that happened. Did anyone at the company go to jail for any fraud? Of course not. They’re Democrats after all. Obama’s DOJ wasn’t about to go after them.

The Democrats don’t care about anything except for… you guessed it, money, power and votes. They certainly don’t care about corruption and human rights concerns…

So knowing that they have to do something to lower gas prices because there ARE more elections coming up after all, the Democrats have decided that, while they are busy closing down oil production in America so that everyone has to buy a horse to get to work, they’ll let Chevron drill in Venezuela. Yes, the Biden administration has given Chevron the green light to drill in Venezuela.

Trump’s former White House Economic Adviser Stephen Moore was on Fox & Friends over the weekend discussing the insane move. He said, “I literally, Will, almost fell out of my chair reading this headline that says we’re going to allow, you know, Chevron to do drilling in Venezuela. Well, this is the same administration. Well, that won’t allow us to do drilling here in the United States, not in Texas, not in Oklahoma, not in Alaska, not in West Virginia. But we can pump oil from Venezuela. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s put America last energy policy they got. And by the way, as you know, Will, when Trump left office and I helped Trump on energy policy, our whole policy was to make America totally energy independence so we wouldn’t have to rely on countries like Venezuela and Iran in Russia…”

The Biden administration has also released some Venezuelan prisoners held in U.S. jails. Lovely.

They’re also denying, of course, that this deal has anything to do with the “energy crunch” caused by the Russia/Ukraine war. Any time they deny something, you can be sure that the reality is what they are denying. Any time they say, “we have been clear…” they haven’t been clear and they’re spinning their lies.

The only enemies that Democrats have are Republicans and Trump. They will negotiate and make deals with everyone else as they continue with their “America last” agenda.