The premise we must start out with in modern American politics is that most voters are crashingly stupid and likely malevolent.

Sometimes that works, as when Republican populist politicians appeal to the Pitchfork Brigades. Also works bigtime for Dems. But it mostly works against Republicans, as most people, including Americans, don’t want freedom and Republicans peddle freedom.

Freedom entails choices and responsibilities. The majority of Americans, and humans in general, want as little of those duties as possible and prefer incompetent masters or even socialist authoritarians, as Americans came close to proving this last midterm season.

It also works against us because conservatives, true conservatives like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, have this tendency to tell the truth. In politics this is a severe handicap. As opposed to conservatives, populists like former President Trump are not hindered by such conventional notions and freely roam the plains saying anything that comes into their heads, regardless of veracity.

However, even they fared badly in some high profile races using this time honored technique. What to do? Borrow the tactics of our Dem opposition and just start making things up.

The populists were on the right track. They just didn’t take it far enough to appeal to tsunami-like majorities of gullible and witless American voters. “Threat to democracy,” as BS as that was? It worked. Abortion gone forever? Worked too. The racist sexist cards? Cretinous hordes of the young and the pathologically aggrieved just ate that up. Enough of them did it to take an almost perfect Republican message scenario and turn it into a middling election performance compared to what it should have been.

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How do we pull off this Dem trick? Here are some relevant suggestions:

Any time a Democrat runs against a Republican minority candidate the Dem is engaging in racism. Against a Republican woman? Sexism. We say it at every opportunity.

Any Democrat who veers more to port than center left is a dangerous communist who poses a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States.

Every Democrat wants to raise taxes to the level it will close the business a voter may own or be employed by, thus making said voter and family homeless.

All Democrats want mandatory hands on sex education classes in elementary schools, taught by bearded drag queens.

Oh really? Outrageous? No one will buy it? They bought that a riot by a bunch of moronic populists was somehow a threat to our constitutional republic. They bought Republicans want to drag women into back alleys and take a coat hanger to them. They bought that every Republican is solely motivated by virulent bigotry.

So don’t tell me we can’t make stuff up and win elections. Recent history proves otherwise. Do we act on these ideas once in office? Of course not. Will anybody notice? Of course not.