I’ve been watching the series “The Food That Built America” on the History Channel. It’s a very inspiring account of how the brands that we all embrace in and outside of our homes came to be. It’s about the struggles and hardships and entrepreneurship and creativity that came from Americans when there wasn’t an oppressive government to hold back their ideas.

The adversity that many of them faced was from their competition and their own families. They struggled trying to make the best products, find the best ingredients and packaging, they tried to steal each other’s patents, they would go bankrupt and start all over again, and some got bought out right before the product broke through the market…

These people were pioneers and visionaries, ahead of their time, coming up with ways to freeze ice cream and developing the perfect kernel of corn to pop and they invented the drive-thru. Their products and brands and innovative ideas changed our country forever.

Many of the products we live with today came out the Industrial Revolution and the need to feed massive amounts of people who were living in the city instead of on farms, producing their own foods. Like other products, the change from hand-production to machines as it related to food made the country a much better place to live and enabled freedom with more accessible food products.

Entrepreneurs saw a problem to solve – an opportunity – and many families and individuals in the business world took advantage of those opportunities. They were able to be successful because they didn’t have to deal with the governmental oppression that we have today.

The current episode I’m watching is focusing on Coca Cola, Heinz, Post and Kellogg’s. It’s called “Lines in the Sand.”

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While watching this show, it occurred to me that we couldn’t have any kind of Industrial Revolution now. We have too many governmental regulations in our township, our county, our state and on the federal government level. If there is a need to be filled, it’s going to have to be filled slowly and in SPITE OF the government. We can’t do anything fast, no matter how desperately something might be needed.

About the only thing I could come up with that happened recently at a fast pace was the production of the COVID-19 vaccines. And that only happened because Trump made it happen.

Yes, most of us can agree that the COVID-19 vaccines don’t actually operate as vaccines and they don’t prevent spread of the virus or infection – and there are many unknowns about the mRNA technology…but I don’t think we can say that they have been totally worthless. Even the most skeptical among us should be able to admit that they have saved lives. And we all know it wouldn’t have happened as quickly under Democrat rule.

How do we know?

Because we saw what happened during the baby formula shortage. What did happen during the baby formula shortage? Nothing, that’s what. The federal government couldn’t even get their crap together enough to ramp up production to feed the babies of the country. That’s how incompetent they are.

The government, and Democrats more specifically, are NOT business people. Not critical thinkers. Not creative thinkers.

They are attorneys and politicians. Administrators. Professors. They are talkers, not do-ers.

They have ideas and theories but most of their ideas they’ve come up with over the years don’t work. They are failures. They want to destroy our progress and impede any future progress. They want to take away the main engine of our economy – fossil fuel – so that they can make sure we de-evolve and are dependent on the government so they can stay in power.

That’s what they are good at and that’s what they care about – the de-escalation of progress, whether it’s in business, our finances, our personal lives or our freedoms.