]Once upon a time, there was a dude named Joe Biden who had an axe and a resentment. He was hungry and he was chasing what he told everyone was a turkey named MAGA who kept getting away from him and causing problems for him and his friends.

Over and over again, MAGA would outsmart old Joe and find a new place to hide. MAGA had a lot of girlfriends who would provide him a shed to stay in and a disguise. One time MAGA even disguised himself as an Antifa protester and Joe just smiled at him, said “thanks” and moved right along.

Old Joe enlisted millions of friends and relatives all over the country – and in China – to see what they could do to help. Because MAGA was a threat. MAGA meant the end of the Democrat party.

Joe and his friends used tracking devices, surveillance cameras, and turkey decoys from the FBI to infiltrate MAGA’s forest. Nothing was too illegal to stop the Democrats from their appointed rounds.

But their efforts failed. There was no sign of MAGA anywhere. Besides having a lot of girlfriends, MAGA had a lot of friends period. And MAGA also had God on his side.

Then old Joe, tired and weary from his 80 years on the planet, came upon a mirror – an old cracked mirror in he middle of a field just sitting there. It was very odd but Joe went up to it anyway.

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And what did he see? What was looking back at him? A turkey.

HE was the turkey. HE was the one who needed to hide because he was an old relic that people don’t want around anymore. People were tired of his gobbling and his running around from house to house, stealing everything in sight and eating everyone’s food.

He was a fraud, pretending that he was something that he wasn’t and trying to fool everyone to live the same fairy tale turkey life that he was living.

But MAGA knew better. MAGA knew if a mirror could actually be put in front of old Joe then maybe the country would start seeing the truth.