Yes, we now have a much needed Diplomat for Plants and Animals. It’s Monica Medina, the wife of Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klein.

What does a Plant and Animal Diplomat do? Who knows. Probably nothing.

Although, in keeping to the main goals of the presidency, I’m sure that whatever she does will have to do with climate change and equity. Everything does. This appointment will kill two birds with one stone – so to speak. Although, the Democrats really don’t care much about birds. If they did, they never would have allowed windmills all over the countryside.

The Washington Post reports that Monica Medina is the first ever “special diplomat to advocate for global diversity amid what policymakers here and overseas increasingly recognize as an extinction crisis.”

Medina will be fighting against one of the biggest threats facing humanity. No, not Donald Trump. She’ll be protecting land, water and animals – and making sure they survive even if humanity doesn’t.

The U.N. reported in 2019 that a million species “face possible extinction with dire implications for humans who depend on ecosystems for food, fresh water and other resources. Overfishing, pollution, pesticides, disease, urban sprawl, and, of course, climate change contribute to declines in imperiled species’ populations worldwide.”

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Democrats to the rescue!

Medina is all set for her role at the U.N. Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-15) in December in Montreal. Leftists will be contributing to global warming, as usual, by flying in from all over the planet to attend their climate change convention disguised as “conserving biodiversity.”

I’m sure Medina will help the rest of the leftists come up with some BS plan that goes against American freedom and the Constitution. They’re very good at that.

When asked about Medina’s representation of the plants of the world, the head of the Snapdragon union said, “I have never heard of her, never asked for her and don’t recognize her as the leader of our genus population.”

And the Lizard coalition isn’t too happy either. “Reptiles around the world don’t feel like the Biden administration has any respect for our kind when they are constantly stealing our mojo by emulating us.”

(H/T to Miranda Writes for the heads up on the appointment)