COVID-19, dangerous vaccines, monkeypox, short staffed hospitals, killing old folks in nursing homes during the pandemic and refusing us therapeutics, threatening the Russians and North Koreans, reducing our weapons stockpiles, releasing our emergency oil reserves, overspending us into irreversible debt, open borders, instigating and exacerbating a crime wave…The list goes on and on.

Do the Democrats know something we don’t know?

Are they not able to pay Social Security in the near future? Is there an asteroid coming? Have the Iranians threatened total destruction of the United States?

Is there a reason the Democrats are trying to wipe us out?

The only long-term problem the Democrats seem to care about is climate change but that’s just an illusion. They still have their ocean-front mansions and they fly around the world. So that’s not real.

They’re definitely on a mission to destroy us lately. Our wealth, our jobs, our companies, our freedoms, our health… Nothing is off limits.

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But THEY are all okay, able to function as they have in the past with their cushy jobs, their investments and real estate, their millions, their police protection… They have everything they need.

They’ve been spending a lot of their time lately creating chaos, at home and abroad, and also handing out taxpayer money like candy. Every week, millions more dollars are being sent to Ukraine and the DOD keeps sending our weapons to them as well.

Breitbart reports that Bank of America analysts issued a report last week saying that our military support of Ukraine has pushed our military stockpiles to “dangerously low levels.”

That’s okay though. Biden doesn’t plan on defending America with weapons. The military is too busy fighting climate change and holding classes about gender pronouns and racial equity.

And what about our emergency oil supply? That’s dwindling too. Biden keeps releasing oil from our reserves, resulting in them being drained to record low levels.

Then we have VP Harris who can’t find a map to get to the southern border of the United States but instead took a trip to the South Korean border. Why? To antagonize North Korea. Why? Who the heck knows with these idiots. She went to the DMZ a few days after the North warned that the South and the United States is risking “triggering conflict” with their joint naval drills. The North fired missiles after she left. Good trip. Nothing accomplished for our side at all. Once again, why was she there?

Then we have old man Biden threatening Russia which is really quite funny considering Dementia Joe can’t complete a full sentence nor does he know where he is most of the time. He said the U.S. and our NATO allies “are not going to be intimidated by Putin and his reckless words and threats. He’s not going to scare us and he doesn’t intimidate us.”

Really? Then why isn’t the war in Ukraine over? If Putin is not intimidating us then end the war. Quit dragging it on into the foreseeable future.

Biden went on to give Putin a preemptive warning, “America is fully prepared with our NATO allies to defend every single inch of NATO territory. Every single inch. So, Mr. Putin, don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. Every inch.”

There’s an obvious reason why the Democrats are trying to appear tough overseas. Because they are not tough in America. They are losing in America. We’re losing in America – because of them. In every category.

The Democrats’ poll numbers are down. Why? Because they’re unconcerned about our lives. They’re unconcerned if we have happy, productive lives – and they are unconcerned if we have lives at all.

If they happen to wipe out a bunch of us in the process of securing their unlimited power and wealth, that’s okay.

More for them.