In the second Michigan gubernatorial debate on Tuesday night, Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer squared off with GOP challenger Tudor Dixon for the last time before November’s election.

Whitmer wore a pink (magenta) blazer with a Michigan pin, most likely to appeal to women voters, while Dixon wore a more professional darker jacket. Dixon’s hair was also nicer and more controlled than Whitmer’s. Yes, I can say this because I’m a woman so deal with it.

Mean Girl Big Gretch called Dixon all kinds of names during the debate and said that Dixon “stokes violence, spreads conspiracy theories” and “attacks working women and teachers.” She also said Dixon would have killed thousands of people during the pandemic if she had been governor.

Big Gretch claimed Michigan’s economic problems are part of a global issue like her pal Biden has done lately and said that more wind and solar will bring down our energy prices this winter. She also blamed the tornado in Gaylord and the flooding in Midland on climate change.

When Dixon listed off multiple failures under Whitmer’s administration, the governor came up with intelligent answers like “I’m not even going to respond to all of that” and “There’s a lot to take in…”

Big Gretch couldn’t even say anything nice about Dixon when asked by the moderator – her comments were about women in general. She said, “I know how hard it is to run for office and raise kids… Moms’ voices are important…”

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When pressed on the subject of pornographic books in school libraries, Whitmer didn’t condemn it and instead asked Tudor, “Are books more dangerous than guns?”

Overall, Dixon seemed much better prepped than Big Gretch, much like the first debate and also much like the first debate, the governor seemed a little rattled and ticked off at times.

Because the polling is tightening, desperate Democrats are pulling out all the stops to drag Whitmer over the victory line with Obama planning a rally with her on Saturday and releasing an ad for her where he can’t even pronounce the word “Michiganders” correctly.

I found a voter on Twitter who had tweeted to the Detroit News after the debate that Whitmer was “terrible” and I checked into his profile. His name is Chris and his Twitter profile says “just a regular person watching the world go crazy.”

Aren’t we all?

He summed up what’s happening perfectly with his tweet, “This upcoming midterm election comes down to two different voters, emotional voters and informed voters…that’s it.”