I know you are all fed up with the partisanship that exists in the Justice Department and all around the country as it pertains to the legal system and how it’s administered to Democrats and Republicans unequally.

Lady Justice is not blind. With Democrats in power, she doesn’t even hold a scale, she holds a sword.

If you are a Republican and you jaywalk across your driveway, the FBI and SWAT will show up to your home in about five minutes.

If you are a Democrat and commit a crime, no matter what the crime is, it’s a badge of honor because it shows how intelligent and crafty you are.

There are plenty of Democrats who should be in jail right now, or should have gone to jail in the past for one thing or another, including Bill & Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, James Comey, John Kerry, Eric Holder, the IRS agents in the Obama administration, Susan Rice and all the folks who wiretapped President Trump and were in on the Russiagate hoax. The list is pretty much endless.

And, of course, there is Hunter Biden.

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Just the News reports that a watchdog group, Marco Polo, looked at Hunter’s laptop and found 459 alleged crimes, including state and federal violations, that were committed by Hunter and his pals.

The watchdog says, “This Report would not have been necessary if law enforcement had done its job. Dereliction of duty is nothing new for the FBI.”

Crimes reported to be on the laptop include “personal misconduct such as prostitution, to fraudulent business activities.”

Usually, detectives have to spend a lot of time and money investigating crimes. In this case, the crimes are literally sitting in front of their face. But nothing will be done. At least not anything meaningful, fair or just.

As things currently stand, federal prosecutor’s “think” they can charge Hunter with tax crimes and a false statement. But that’s not even been done yet. And the laptop was seized by the FBI way back in 2019.

Hunter, for his part, told CBS that he has “no idea whether or not” the laptop is his regardless of the fact that it containing videos of him and emails to and from him.

Politico laughingly says if Hunter is actually indicted it would “demonstrate the integrity of the Justice Department.”

Yeah, good one. The whole charade about charging Hunter with anything is irrelevant anyway. Daddy will just pardon him.

While Trump sits in the middle of a whirlwind of court cases and targeting by the Democrats, the leftists are on easy street. They can do what they want because there is rarely any accountability or repercussions for anything they do. In fact, their crimes are a resume enhancer.