Besides being knee deep in the priorities of DEI and climate change, the federal government under Obama and now Biden have decided that the federal treasury is there for…


Yes, it’s lovely to have such a huge bank account that they can raid to their heart’s content as the tax coffers keep getting larger and larger.

Pallets of cash were delivered to Iran from Obama back in 2016. Where did it comes from? Who knows. It’s Obama money like the “Obama phone” that his voters gushed about. He handed out what he needed to. It wasn’t his money after all, it was ours. So it was no skin off his back.

Democrats have always used taxpayer money to fund their corrupt schemes and with Biden in office, they are on overdrive – this time with Biden money.

Biden and the Dems are using Executive Orders and legislation to deliver and appropriate our money all over the place – either in direct governmental programs to further their political goals and careers – or by offering “grant” money up the wazoo to push leftist policies, to buy votes and pay back their loyal friends.

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But it’s not just Biden and the Democrats in the federal government who are doing it. It’s on the state level too.

Look at Michigan. They’re using taxpayer funds from the state and those they’ve received from the Biden administration to hand out dollars right and left. No, scratch that. Just left.

Seems like every day, Governor Whitmer is trying to buy votes with her Whitmer money. There’s always some new handout being offered. Some new thing to remind people that she’s really Santa Claus and the state needs to re-elect her.

There are grants for battery companies, grants for marginalized people in Detroit, grants for businesses she locked down during the pandemic, grants for Brownfields, grants for child care providers, grants for college, grants for economic development, grants for water systems…

Just in the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) alone, there are Rural Development Fund Grants, Value Added & Regional Food Systems Grants, Food and Agriculture Investment Fund Grants, Farm Innovation Grants and Specialty Block Grants. And those are just a few of them that have looming application deadlines.

So why all the grants? It’s a way for the Democrat party to use our money to pay for their party’s agenda. Our money gets sent to leftist groups who donate to and pursue the left’s agenda and most of the time we have no idea what is going on, who is doing what or who is getting rich.

Our government has some very specific responsibilities which you will find in the Constitution. And stealing our tax money for the personal agendas of Democrats is not there.