You would think that those of you who are still thinking about voting for Democrats in November would have wised up by now and gotten tired of not being able to afford anything anymore. Or gotten tired of being told lies about the COVID-19 vaccines. Or gotten sick of not being able to go to a retail store (or even a bank) and get something you need because they closed early due to a labor shortage brought on by Democrat policies of free and easy money.

But I guess that’s not bad enough for you to stop voting for Democrats. What about your life?

Do you enjoy being alive? How about your family and friends? Are you happy that they’re currently still alive and well?

And are you willing to take the chance of possibly not staying alive another year under Democrat control? Because things are not looking good for you.

The Democrats don’t care about people’s lives. Cases in point: Open borders, the fentanyl crisis, the crime wave, lies about COVID-19, pro-abortion support… The list goes on and on…

The evidence is all around you.

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Take a look at Portland, hotbed of Democrat rule. If they were smart, the people of Oregon would elect Republican Christine Drazan, come November, as the first Republican governor since 1982, because the state has been going down the drain, especially in the city of Portland.

The Daily Mail reports that President Disaster visited Portland recently and stayed at a hotel called the Duniway Hotel, a “property at risk of foreclosure as visitors stay away from the city center.”

They said that Biden wasn’t far away from the results of the the 2020 decision to decriminalize hard drugs.

The Daily Mail reports that “two blocks from the hotel lobby a man was folded up on a street corner, his body draped around a rolled-up sleeping bag.” Another man “flattened a piece of foil before putting a lighter to it, and inhaling the results through a pipe in plain view of a children’s playground.”

What’s going on in Portland are the predictable results of Democrat policies. Pro-criminal policies, along with the “Defund the Police” strategy, have infiltrated cities throughout the entire country. And they will continue to do so as long as Democrats are in power.

Another Democratic cesspool is Minneapolis. Because they defunded the police, they are going to be sending out social workers on 911 calls soon. Who cares if murders have doubled in the city they stripped $1.1 million from the police budget? The police had originally been disbanded all together but even the nut job Democrats in the city saw that they took “crazy” a bit too far.

And we all know how crappy things are in New York City. However, Mayor Adams says that the crime is just in people’s minds.

The New York Post reports that during a press conference, Adams talked about crime in the subway and said, “We’re dealing with the perception of fear.”

Perception. Yes, he wants you to think that crime is not real. The six crimes a day in his subway aren’t real. Just like the rest of the Democrats, Adams thinks that if he puts his PR spin on crime, people won’t notice.

So dear Democrats, think about your life and what it’s worth to you – and pass along this article and some common sense to the Democrats in your life…

Here’s the bottom line…

Hating Trump and MAGA supporters isn’t worth getting yourself killed.

Protecting the right to kill babies in the womb isn’t worth getting yourself killed.

Voting for the Democrat party just because you always have in the past isn’t worth getting yourself killed.

So vote Democrat. At your own risk.