Out of 435 House races on November 8th one is shaping up as an indicator of how the House will go.

It’s the Wisconsin 3rd congressional district and it pits a dynamic Republican former SEAL and combat vet, Derrick Van Orden, against a hack, Democrat Brad Pfaff, who has spent his career at the public trough and is slagging the same tired Dem talking points.

With very temporary House Speaker Nancy Pelosi telling press recently, “I cannot believe anybody would vote for these people,” meaning Republicans, the second Tuesday in November is likely to prove quite a shock to the Bolshevik patsy.

Meanwhile in Wisconsin, Van Order holds a 5 point lead. That’s generally in keeping with the Republican advantage nationwide. Hence, why this is a bellwether. If Van Orden really blows Pfaff out of the water watch for Republican numbers to grow across the country.

Anthony Chergosky, a political science professor at UW-La Crosse, told PBS Wisconsin that Van Orden is the smart money.

“Polls have shown Van Orden with at least a 5-point lead…the amount of money on the Republican side of the race is another indication of momentum for Van Orden.” Seeing a winner that will flip a seat, the GOP has invested heavily in this race and has inundated airwaves in western and central Wisconsin media markets, spending nearly $2 million on media between Aug. 9 and Oct. 18. That kind of ammo makes for a winning effort.

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Chergosky, “Talking to Democrats in the area, they think that the party has left Pfaff to fend for himself, and they’re not happy about that…Democrats have long been able to point to western Wisconsin as evidence that they have appeal outside of Madison and Milwaukee. If Democrats continue to lose ground in western Wisconsin it feeds into the narrative that they are not [a party of] Wisconsin more broadly.” Boo bloody hoo. Their loss is Wisconsin and America’s gain.

This publication had a chance to talk to Van Orden on Tuesday and found him confident and ready for action.

Feeling like he’s been pulling 23 hour days, the GOP outsider has been focusing on Dem incompetence on the economy,  crime, and the border.

DVO: “Democrat policies have hurt the farming and manufacturing sectors in my district and we’ve got to stop the radical socialist spending that is causing inflation. It’s come to the point that working families can’t fill their gas tanks and go to the grocery on the same day.” Van Orden says the new Republican House will act quickly to cancel Biden administration plans to add 87,000 new agents to the IRS, a move he strongly backs.

On social issues he stands squarely against trans athletes competing in female sports and thinks “the chemical and physical castration of children is wrong. Mastectomies of children is wrong.”

“Parents should have the first word in school curriculums and the process should be completely transparent,” said Van Orden. “When the Biden administration started calling concerned parents ‘domestic terrorists’ it was a big indication there was a real issue between government and parents.”

His message and his campaign fit perfectly with the GOP national message and the mood of the American people. So watch the Wisconsin 3rd on election night. As that goes so may go the nation.