Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump, most Republicans would admit he did a great job in office. True, his personal foibles were highly disconcerting.

But viewed by results, he hit it out of the park. At least until Covid. When it came to public presence the man was, and is, a rock star. The way he steamrolled his GOP primary opponents in 2016 was a sight to behold. And he never bought into the liberal and Vichy Republican premise that Republicans should always be on the defensive over some imagined slight against humanity.

However, the man comes with a lot of baggage and the 2024 presidential race, as should be any race, must be about supporting the most electable conservative. Because of his personal issues and his sometimes unfair reputation amongst voters as a bomb thrower, his baggage does not follow the classic WFB rule noted above. As we must stop the Biden agenda, Trump is clearly not the best candidate to do so mainly because it will be harder to elect him.

Given that fact, those who would still vote for him put personal loyalty amounting to a cult of personality over the national interest. It is obvious that a Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, or Tom Cotton would have an easier time in the general election than Trump. Wishing it were not so does not make it any less real.

Thus assuming one of them runs and is elected, what do we do with Trump? He will hopefully endorse the GOP nominee and will likely continue to have the support of many Republicans. He can’t be shunted to the side nor should he be, as it would waste a valuable asset. But where could we put him where his distinct talents would be useful? Easy, the United Nations.

Think what the man could do when some tinhorn rep of a dictatorship got up to tell the UN how wonderful they were and of the evil of the West and the US. Can you imagine how he would eviscerate them?

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His very presence at the joint would make scum like the Iranians, Cubans, Venezuelans, etc., come gunning for him. After they hardly opened their wretched pie holes they would get rhetorical buckshot right between the eyes. To round out our delegation, post Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, and Candace Owen to the team.

Think of the amusement of a post event interview with one of them after some foreign left wing blowhard got to the UN podium and started spouting the usual pieties and platitudes. Shapiro himself would leave the Chinese or North Korean UN ambassador gutted like a carp.

It would not be a bad thing for our allies either, as Trump could and would say things they’d be afraid to utter. As he did with NATO contributions, Trump could also issue friendly reminders of their international responsibilities to allied scofflaws.

The man and the job were made for each other. He wouldn’t even have to leave New York, a place he resided for lo those numerous years. International fashion and society may even finally give Melania her due as a beautiful and graceful figure in her own right.

We’ve got to unleash Donald Trump to serve American interests and use the bully pulpit once again to call to account America’s enemies. Give him the UN slot then reach for the popcorn, because you know it’s going to be high entertainment. And after all, is the UN good for anything else?