First off, let’s define terms. I’m talking about modern third wave, man-hating PC feminism.

Not equal pay for equal work, equal opportunity before the law, that type of stuff. That’s just fine. My brief focuses on a concept that takes a tremendous female advantage in life and neuters it to the point of irrelevance.

That is, males are really dumb about sex and the lure of it can make them putty in female hands. When classic femininity is destroyed and a leveled social, professional, and romantic relationship field is established men treat women with a more objective attitude inevitably to the disadvantage of women.

Oh, sexist, misogynist? Really. Wake up and smell the estrogen. Many may not admit it, but women, when they deploy their natural charms, and no-I don’t mean only the sexual act-are far the more powerful gender because they decide whether things will get steamy. Males always want that. Richard Pryor gave an exact definition why this is, but his description is much too amusingly filthy to publish here. But as always, we can go to history to make our point.

Heard of the Trojan War? No, it was not a condom marketing campaign. It was a military conflict between the Greeks and Trojans about 3200 years ago and it was fought over a woman.

Prince Paris of Troy steals Helen, the wife of King Menelaus of Sparta and allegedly the most beautiful woman in the world, and takes her back to Troy (on the coast of modern Turkey) to be his wife. This is with her consent.

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Menelaus becomes bat guano crazy with jealousy, talks to his brother King Agamemnon of Mycenae, and gets him to unite the Greeks and invade Troy to retrieve Helen. Odysseus, Ajax, and Achilles go along for the ride.

Granted, much of the story may be myth. A version, the film Troy, did a decent job with the general story. The book by Homer, The Iliad, the tome my dad read to me as a bedtime story when I was a wee lad, is better.

So the bottom line is this. Menelaus is so overcome with rage at the loss of Helen he gets a war launched and destroys a major city in the ancient world just to put her back in his bed. Such is man’s total obsession with the female charms. For a more modern version, I can attest to seeing, when I was a young Army private stationed in then West Germany, grizzled Vietnam combat vet senior NCOs reduced to mush by attractive young German women. I myself fell victim to that allure more than once.

In fact, if you ask a man and he’s honest with you he’ll admit a good portion of the idiotic things he’s done in his life have been over women.

The female corrolary to the Trojan War? Caesar conquers Egypt and in doing so falls under the spell of a teenage Cleopatra. This is Caesar. Conqueror of Gaul, crosser of the Rubicon, first Emperor of Rome, that guy. But he goes all gaga because a teenage girl gives him the time of day. Then relatively soon after this, he gets bumped off. What does Cleopatra do then, mourn her fallen beau? Not quite.

As fast as you can sneeze she transfers her affections to the next Roman up and comer, Marc Antony. She hardly takes time to change her heels. Such is the practical attitude many women have regarding men and thus the advantages they throw away when they succomb to third wave feminism.

Modern feminism is a distaff unilateral disarmament much to the benefit of men. Is that what it was supposed to be about? Is that a sexual revolution that serves women by leveling the playing field? Nope, anything but.

So go right ahead ladies and continue your lemming-like social,  professional, and relationship standards stroll. We’ll be cheering you on and, as men do at church during the boring parts (that’s why sensible Jews do not have mixed gender seating), deciding which ones of you we’d like to…well, you get the drift.