The welfare, success, freedom and overall enjoyment of the American people always seems to be held up by the greed and the power-hungry goals of our politicians as well as the private companies who control entertainment and communications.

We want progress. We want freedom. Facebook and Twitter want none of that.

Neither do the entertainment providers who we are stuck having to buy our television and movie services from.

The fact that we are STILL beholden to DISH and DirectTV and the cable companies – and HULU and Netflix and the like is just mind boggling.

We have the internet. We can stream TV and movies. Why are we paying all of these middlemen and women monthly fees when the technology exists to get what we want directly??????

We should be able to go where we want and get what we want. We should be able to go straight to the networks – or even the production companies. I don’t need 300 channels. I need about 25. I don’t need 1000s of movies. I am lucky to have time for one a week.

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We should be able to buy monthly services how we want to – from specific networks (like the Hallmark Channel) or certain shows (MASH, American Idol, etc.) or one-time sports or concerts.

Some of this exists, yes, but it should be the ONLY thing that exists. All we need is a portal to order what we want. We can be the ones in control and decide how much entertainment we want to buy and how much we’re willing to pay for it.

We shouldn’t have to have to use ten different providers to get what we want. We should have one screen to order from with our receiver box – a box that we buy, not one that we rent and is controlled by someone.

Over the weekend, sports fans all over the country were irate when DISH and Disney – and also Sling TV and Disney – couldn’t get their sh*t together and negotiate their contract.

And because of that, there was no ESPN all weekend – not to mention some other channels like FX and ABC.

Why? Because DISH and Disney are greedy. And we’re held hostage by them.
But we don’t need to be.