Looks like the Democrats “peaked” too early and the polls are getting closer in races in Michigan and around the country. They put all of their eggs (or most of them) in the abortion basket and people have turned out to be a little more concerned about their own lives, i.e. prices and crime, than they are about making sure women can abort babies.

I’m sure there will be races that we are disappointed in but I still believe that we will take the House and Senate because it’s hard to imagine that there are really THAT many people who are going to vote against their own interests.

Do people REALLY want to continue what’s going on in the country with the war on fossil fuel and our second amendment, the crime wave, the open borders, the high prices, the closed stores and all the other crap we’ve been putting up with?

A sane world would not allow the re-election of Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer or wins for Stacey Abrams, John Fetterman, Beto O’Rourke, Kathy Hochul or Raphael Warnock.

Real Clear Politics is now predicting Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon to win over incumbent Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. This might be surprising considering the millions and millions Whitmer and her supporters have thrown into the campaign – but it SHOULDN’T be surprising when you look at the damage that Whitmer did to the state during the pandemic.

Closed businesses, dead seniors in nursing homes, people moving out of the state and more. Try to find a store in Michigan that has enough staff and the same hours as they used to – it’s nearly impossible. Whitmer can keep sending out her press releases every four seconds about how great she is and how many investments she’s making into the economy but it’s all smoke and mirrors with her banking on Michigan depending on green energy jobs to keep the Michigan economy afloat.

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Whitmer will undoubtedly bring her “A” game to the debate on Tuesday the 25th. But is it too little too late to save herself now that the people see a clear choice ahead of them?

A sane world wouldn’t let the Democrats be in power with a majority in the House and Senate to completely tank our country any more than they already have.

I have no illusions that the Republicans will “save” us – but at least electing them might put on the brakes to some of the suffering we’ve been going through – a stop gap until Trump is back in office – or Ron DeSantis – or someone who puts America First and isn’t full of dementia, delusion and depravity.