Yes, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi wants illegal aliens to stay down south where they can help with keeping the food supply chain going.

Pelosi was complaining about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently and his planeloads of illegal aliens being flown out of his state.

She admitted, “We have a shortage of workers in our country…You see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers are saying ‘why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here.’”

She laughably said, “We have a responsibility to secure our border” and then went on to say “we also have the responsibility to recognize the importance of new commerce to our nation” and says that the best thing for our nation is to have comprehensive immigration reform.

That would be instead of stopping vaccine mandates that get workers fired.

Instead of getting America back to energy independence and low prices for goods and services.

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Instead of stopping the massive spending the Democrats are doing, causing inflation. It’s almost like they’re doing everyone on purpose with a well organized plan.

Step one, open borders. Step two, tank economy and reduce workforce. Step three, tell everyone the answer to all of our problem is hiring illegal aliens.