Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes. Or your lyin’ ears. When Biden wanders around lying or says things that make absolutely no sense, the “White House” is always there to come out and spin reality.

But we can see what’s actually happening. President Biden has no idea what’s going on.

President Disaster, who will be 80 on November 20th, had his latest cognitive decline moment on Sunday when he announced that his student debt forgiveness plan was a law “passed by a vote or two” even though it was an Executive Action by him alone and not anything that went through Congress.

While Mr. Clueless doesn’t seem to actually know what’s going on, a case can be made that he also doesn’t care. If it doesn’t affect him, it doesn’t matter.

High prices? Crime? The Fentanyl crisis? Terrorists found crossing the border? Biden’s all good with that stuff as long as it doesn’t affect his polling numbers too bad – or interferes with his ice cream eating.

While Biden was chowing down on his ice cream cone the other day, he also told us that our economy was “strong as hell.”

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Well, maybe that’s what he thinks when his administration is the one fudging the numbers and he’s a a rich elitist being paid off by foreign governments in his pay-to-play schemes. The Biden want for nothing so I am sure the economy IS “strong as hell” for his family and all of his pals.

The Democrats have always lied to us and spun reality – but their party has been such a huge disaster the past few years and they have had such an overreach into our daily lives, that their failing policies are affecting our everyday lives on many fronts now. So much so that they can no longer spin things and make us think, “well gee, maybe that’s not really happening.”

No, it IS happening. We ARE losing our wealth and our freedoms. We ARE scared to walk down the sidewalks in certain cities. We ARE being invaded by a massive number of foreigners on the southern border. Our schools ARE teaching our kids critical race theory and letting boys in girls locker rooms and bathrooms and allowing pornographic books in school libraries. The Democrats ARE responsible for price increases, labor shortages and supply chain problems.

In another moment of confusion, Biden called VP Harris the “president” again while wishing her Happy Birthday on Monday. But he may be a little more accurate on this one. Bill O’Reilly has predicted that if the Democrats lose the House and Senate, President Biden will step down from office shortly after that, citing health concerns which will deliver us President Harris.

As Henry Blake said on M*A*S*H, learning that he’d be stuck with Frank at the Army post, “I’ve gone to sleep with happier thoughts.”