Our woke Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, has been very busy lately. No, not with Russia or China or Iran or North Korea or anything that actually pertains to his job.

No, he’s got a whole new woke endeavor that he’s pursuing.

Now that Austin has enacted all of his pronoun classes, climate change war plans, his forced vaccine mandates, and transgender policies, he’s moved on to renaming Amy bases that have Confederate ties.

Because that’s the kind of thing that’s going to make the country safe and defend us from our enemies.

Sometimes you have to wonder if the dude is just shaking his head at the BS that he is ordered to come up with. But on there other hand, I’ve heard him speak about the leftist crap that our military is involved with. He’s either a great actor or truly has no problem spending his time on woke hogwash instead of defending the country.

The photo of him being sworn in to his position really tells you all that you need to know about him and the state of those in charge of our military. He can’t even stand up to COVID-19, so I don’t really see him standing up to much of anything else. What kind of weak person wears a cloth mask (not even an N95 mask that might actually work) to swear in to be one of the top guys who is supposed to defend our country from the biggest threats on the planet? Let’s just say, the photo doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that we’re ready for war – or even ready to get a dodge ball thrown at us.

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The other scary thing besides seeing our Defense Secretary in a cloth mask is what the DOD website says. They proclaim, “We are your defense.”

God help us all.

They also proclaim it their mission to “provide the military forces needed to deter war and ensure our nation’s security.”

Newsflash Austin: You are failing. Your recruiting numbers are dismal. You are a joke. A scary joke. You can’t deter war hiding behind masks and pronoun changes by kicking much needed military members out of service for not taking vaccines. No one wants to be in the military under your kind of woke Democratic leadership.

Nevertheless, the Democrats will not be deterred. This time around, in their woke endeavors, the leftists in the Biden administration along with their friend Austin are working on re-naming Army bases so they aren’t racist. Austin signed off on an independent’s commission’s recommendations last Thursday that will remove from our

U.S. military facilities “all names, symbols, displays, monuments and paraphernalia that honor or commemorate the Confederacy.”

Austin wrote in a memo, “The installations and facilities that our Department operates are more than vital national security assets. They are also powerful public symbols of our military, and of course, they are the places where our Service members and their families work and live.”

Starting December 18th, assets across the country will be renamed by our great Department of Defense – streets, buildings, ships and Army bases likeFort Banning, Fort Bragg and Fort Hood.

I feel a whole lot “safer” now, don’t you??