How do you know that the polling that puts Michigan’s Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer way ahead of Republican challenger Tudor Dixon is full of crap? It’s when you see former President Obama coming in to save the day.

Looks like the first half-black president who was supposed to save us all from racism and climate change will be coming to Detroit to help out our Lockdown Governor as part of a series of campaign rallies that he has scheduled to support sucky Democrat candidates.

You need to look no further than this new Obama whirlwind Democrat campaign tour to know that the Red Wave is real. Barry will be traveling across the country, spreading global warming in his plane and spending tax payer dollars with his Secret Service detail, helping out political races in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia – with additional travel dates to be announced as bad polling numbers come in.

Apparently, Obama plans to boast about Democrat accomplishments that have happened over the past few years.

Good luck with that.

He’s got a LOT of Whitmer stuff to boast about, as you know.

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Maybe he’ll talk about how we’re lucky that gas is only $4.45 a gallon and not $5.45 a gallon.

Or we’re lucky to be able to go to a restaurant that’s open only four days a week instead of being closed permanently.

Or we’re lucky to only be robbed and not murdered when we’re walking around Flint.

Or we’re lucky to have a few elderly people left in the state because Whitmer didn’t kill them all in nursing homes by sending in COVID-19 patients.

Yes, Obama will have plenty of material.

In an interview with “Pod Save America” which is done by former aides in his White House (I thought they were all in Biden’s White House???!), Obama talked about the “inflation control act” (hilarious name) that has made health care more affordable (ha ha ha) and is lowering energy costs (ha ha ha).

This yahoo is as delusional as ever. Or a liar. But that’s the very definition of a Democrat right there.

Obama plans to be in Detroit on October 29th. I think Halloween would have been a more appropriate date since his slate of candidates is doing nothing but scaring everyone.