Democrats never give up. They always find a way to win their political games. In his newest move in NY vs. Florida and NY vs. Texas in the illegal alien bussing game, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has decided that inspecting these busses for possible violations is the right move to make in his playbook.

Democrat Adams doesn’t like the fact that the Republican governors of Texas and Florida are putting illegal aliens on busses and sending them off to NYC even though the Big Apple claims to be a welcoming sanctuary city.

No, Adams prefers the illegals stay down south or go elsewhere. He’s got better things to do like dress up for his nightlife habits and all of the parties he gets to go to.

And he certainly doesn’t like all of the attention the southern border crisis has gotten over these bussing stunts. I’m sure he’s also received numerous phone calls from the Biden team to do something.

The New York Post reports that Adams has had his NY Police Dept. (who are obviously not busy fighting the actual crime wave in the city) writing tickets to give to the bus drivers.

The police have been searching buses for any infraction they can possibly find – tire tread problems, fuel levels, log book errors, windshield wiper placement…whatever.

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Important stuff.

During this “state of emergency” that Adams has declared, he has prioritized the time of the NYPD so that they play PR games with busses instead of dealing with the homeless, the drug addicts and the murderers roaming the city’s subways and streets.

Adams probably thinks this tactic will result in drivers refusing to drive the buses to the Big Apple or maybe it will scare off the companies who are participating.

However, one of the drivers told the New York Post, ““I don’t care if the NYPD inspects us, we’ll keep making this trip because the money’s too good.”