With less than three weeks left until the midterms both parties are striving to hit max performance. But only one is achieving their goal, the Republicans.

While public polls have the GOP at about 230 House seats and a majority, internal polls of both parties have them 10 seats up from that. Internals for the Senate have the Republicans up 2-3.

Dems are starting to push panic buttons and are throwing the Biden administration under the bus on crime, the economy, and the border. Dems are bleeding with suburban white women, a group they need for any kind of hope of hanging on to power. Some Dems are so desperate they are trying to sound to the right of their Republican opponents, to no avail. Here are some vital races and the smart money as of today.

Pennsylvania: Split decision. Fetterman is faltering and Oz could win by a nose in the Senate race. However, Mastriano, too conservative for this purple state, will lose to Dem Shapiro in the gubernatorial contest.

Georgia: GOP sweep. As bad as Walker has been, the GOP zeitgeist should put him over the top per the upper chamber. Kemp and Raffensperger will win handily for governor and SecState. Stacey Abrams will be hailed again by the media for losing again.

Texas: GOP win. Abbott easily beats Beto and Flores could win her congressional bout.

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Alaska: Rising GOP star Tshibaka beats the annoying Murkowski in the Senate. Palin wins her House seat.

New York: Dem Hochul holds off Zelden, though some think there is an upset in the works.

Michigan: Dem Whitmer beats the comely GOP candidate Tudor Dixon for the governor slot.

Wisconsin: Republican Ron Johnson holds on to his Senate seat against radical Marxist Barnes. Former Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden, an up and coming national figure, wins his 3rd congressional district House seat.

Colorado: Here the Republicans think they have a good shot at upsetting Dem incumbent Senator Bennet with Republican newcomer Joe O’Dea. But smart money says Bennet pulls it out.

Ohio: JD Vance will win a Senate seat over Dem Tim Ryan. Ryan had a good shot, but he and his campaign can’t seem to fire on all cylinders. Plus Vance beat him badly in their debate.

Florida: Presidential possibility Republican Ron DeSantis easily trounces political schizophrenic Charlie Crist for governor. Rubio beats Dem-ings in the Senate.

There you have it. Not a perfect deal for the Republicans, but a pretty good one indeed. For Biden and the Democrats it means lame duckery and a stalled agenda going into the 2024 preliminaries. Will Biden be a scapegoat and resign, or get a 25th Amendment boot, in 2023? Hard to say, because that puts Harris in the cockpit and she looks worse than Biden for 2024.