There’s been a lot of speculation about whether Trump will run for president and if so, when. The Democrats are certainly pulling out all the stops to try to ensure he’s not able to run, trying to ensnare him in multiple investigations and court cases from the Mar-a-Lago archive investigation to the subpoena for the January 6th investigation.

As of February of this year, The Guardian reported that Trump was facing 19 legal actions. The Democrats don’t believe in the justice system. Instead of finding a crime and then looking for a criminal, they find a person they don’t like and then try to find crimes. And Trump is their number one favorite target for sure.

Regardless of the constant anti-Trump campaign by the left and their friends in the media since he announced his candidacy for president, the Republican base is still picking him to be their candidate – and so is the rest of the country at the moment.

Fox News reports that more voters say they’d vote for former President Trump than President Biden if the election were held today (and that’s a poll from the New York Times of all places!)

And in a recent Harvard/Harris poll, they have Trump getting 55% of the support in a Republican primary compared to just 17% for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Megyn Kelly was on The Rubin Report recently discussing the 2024 race and said, “The only way DeSantis is going to become the Republican nominee is if Trump chooses not to run and endorses him or dies.”

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She said, “I just don’t think anybody else could win if Trump runs.”

Asked if DeSantis would have a chance if they were both on the debate stage, Kelly said, “I don’t even think that a little. I think Trump sucks up all the energy in every room – no matter what. And No. No. I even someone who’s skilled as a politician and smart policy-wise as DeSantis can’t overcome that – he can’t.”

She also said that if Trump ended up somehow losing the nomination to DeSantis in the 2024 primary, his supporters will not desert him for the Florida governor because the MAGA crowd thinks he was “screwed out of his first term” because of the Russiagate hoax and that he deserves a second term. The only thing to counter that, Kelly says, if if “Trump gracefully and graciously says, ‘Get behind DeSantis.’”

And Kelly doesn’t believe that DeSantis can take down Trump. She said, “Only Trump can take down Trump. But he (DeSantis) won’t win over Trump. I’ll stand by that. You can play it against me if I’m wrong, but I won’t be.”