Joe Biden has the end of the world on his mind these days. Of course, also on his mind are talking carrots and his morbid anticipation that his drool bucket will overflow any minute now.

When POTUS, yes he’s the legit POTUS you populist cretins, is referring to a nuclear Battle of Armageddon we should be a tad concerned. Except with this guy. We can basically blow him off.

You see, to scare November voters into rallying around the flag and thus also prostrating themselves before the powers that be, which can happen in a national crisis, Joe has recently stated we are as close to a nuke showdown as we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Uh, no.

Actually, nuke showdowns used to be my thing, as my first posting in the US Army was with the Intelligence staff of the Pershing Nuclear Brigade in then West Germany. The Pershings were clever little scamps that were of, supposedly, intermediate range. Though, with a couple of easy modifications we could have ruined the Moscow May Day parade in a big way.

The Army, in its infinite wisdom, trained us to think about various scenarios and the use of those weapons in wartime. We hoped it would never come to that, and it didn’t, but we were ready if the eventuality came to pass. This was during the early 80s and the last decade of the Evil Empire. So there were times, the Pope’s attempted assassination being one, when things could have gotten a bit sporty. They didn’t.

Well, the Russians are a lot weaker now than the Soviets were then and they know it. Also, Israeli-led ABM systems have brought the West to a level of protection against missile attack that is light years away from were we were even twenty years ago. And per the Ukraine? Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and other screaming meemies who apparently don’t know jack about nuclear strategy, but who are nevertheless moronically predicting WWIII over Ukraine, are raising the tension level for their own purposes. These are, in order of above-mentioned gits: Votes, headlines, and ratings.

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The Russians will not use nukes against us or any of our NATO allies because they know the risk isn’t worth the reward. Thus, there goes the doomsday scenario. Tactical nukes in Ukraine? Perhaps. So the Ukes get their hair mussed and the whole world, including the Chicoms, turn against the Russians. Think the Russians want that? Think again.

Biden knows this and, to be a squinch redundant, is using the usual Democrat Chicken Little fear gambit to try and scare us into voting for his corrupt party cronies. No dice, Joe.

However, there is a real battle, one that doesn’t turn out too well for Democrats, on Joe Biden’s mind and it’s quite likely to transpire. That is the political Armageddon resulting in defeat that soon awaits he and his party at the polls. There’s no getting away from that one Joe. For you can run socialists for office, Mr. President. But from this tasty helping of raw electoral plutonium, you can’t hide.