In Michigan, in September, a Michigan Right to Life canvasser was allegedly shot by 74-year-old Richard Harvey after going to his house to canvass against Proposition 3, which would enshrine abortion rights into the Michigan Constitution if passed in November.

He has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon (felonious assault with a rifle), weapons firearms careless discharge causing injury and weapons firearms reckless use and is headed to trial. Luckily, the victim, 83-year-old Joan Jacobson, survived the incident. She was treated and release from the hospital after being shot in the shoulder.

And now, Biz Pac Review is reporting that a canvasser for Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio was attacked on Sunday by two men and two dogs after being told by suspect Jonathan Alexander Casanova that he could not pass through the area because he was a Republican.

The victim, Chris Monzon, had been in the neighborhood handing out flyers for Rubio and Republican Gov. DeSantis when Casanova and another man Javier Lopez, blocked the sidewalk and argued with the victim. Lopez allegedly rushed the victim and threw him to the ground and then Casanova began to kick the victim on the head.

After a witness pulled Casanova off the victim, Casanova released two German Sheperds from his car, took them over to Monzon and gave commands for the dogs to attack and bite him.

In the end, Monzon suffered a fractured orbital bone, nasal/sinus fractures and other injuries.

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Rubio wasn’t too happy when he heard about the incident. He tweeted, “On Sunday thugs told a GOP canvasser wearing my campaign t-shirt that he couldn’t be in their neighborhood because he was a Republican. They assaulted him & commanded two dogs to attack him. Surveillance video corroborated the victim’s story & police have now made a second arrest.”

He went on to call out the media when he tweeted, “Local media spent 2 days treating the GOP canvasser who was attacked as a criminal & denying the attack was politically motivated. Now a second arrest,a police report & surveillance video shows how biased & irresponsible the narrative they were pushing was.”

It’s not surprising to see violent attacks against Republicans especially when they’ve appeared to be sanctioned by the Democrats for the past few years.

We had Rep. Maxine Waters telling people to get into the faces and spaces of Republicans. We had VP Kamala Harris bailing rioters out of jail after the George Floyd killing and pronouncing that the protests weren’t going to stop. And the Democrat Party, in general, sanctioned the 2020 summer of violence by the BLM and Antifa and their supporters, calling them “peaceful protests” and pushback on racial inequality and the need for social justice.

The out-of-control leftists have been going after Republican politicians as well as police and others they disagree with. They went after Senator Rand Paul and other Trump supporters after listening to Trump speak on the White House lawn and, of course, we all remember the shooting of Louisiana

Rep. Steve Scalise. More recently, New York mayoral candidate Lee Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event in July.

But instead of condemning the acts of violence against their political opponents, the Democrats are usually silent about most of the incidents, and, in fact, they are often shown standing next to these folks and taking a knee in solidarity with them. Or at the very least, downplaying the violence and making excuses for their behavior.