Aviation Survival Technician Second Class Zach Loesch jumps out of helicopters to save people. Victims in need of his help don’t ask him is he’s been vaccinated. But he’ll be gone soon thanks to the Biden-Harris administration and their evil band of Democrats.

Yes, the imbecilic Biden-Harris administration is STILL requiring vaccine mandates for the armed forces even though the vaccines and the boosters don’t stop the spread or the infection of COVID-19. And they never have

In fact, Biden, and millions of others, have had the virus twice or more even though they’ve been vaccinated about a zillion times.

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Nevertheless, a rule is a rule and you can’t pry most rules from the cold, dead hands of Democrats because they love the power. And reversing a rule means that maybe they were wrong.

And they are never wrong.

So it’s just too bad that Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Zach Loesch, (who Biden called to thank) will be drummed out of the service in 30-60 days days even though he was able to rescue lives after Hurricane Ian hit.

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The Democrats couldn’t care less if we lose people from the armed forces and they definitely couldn’t care less about the Constitution and religious freedoms. They rejected Loesch’s religious exemption request and his appeal of same. So it’s bye-bye to Zach.

During Zach’s mission over the weekend, he saved a disabled woman and her husband who were trapped in their back bedroom and had a couch up against their doorway. Loesch kicked through a wall and freed them.

But he wasn’t vaccinated.

Oh the horror!

He also rescued several dogs and cats.

But he’s a bad guy, right?! Certainly someone we need thrown out of the Coast Guard for sure.

I guess we should be grateful that he didn’t get kicked out of the Coast Guard before the hurricane hit, right? But he’ll probably be gone when the next one does.

As of September 2022, there are still 2,632 unvaccinated US Coast Guard members. They won’t be around to save anyone pretty soon.

So when you’re dangling from your roof, in need of someone to save your life and that help never comes, you can thank Biden and the Democrats.