Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer took to the stage on Thursday, social distanced away from Republican challenger Tudor Dixon, for the first gubernatorial debate leading up to the election in November and let’s just say what happened – she sucked.

Whiter was ill-prepared to answer real questions now that she’s used to her virtual press conferences and answering softball questions from her friends in the cherry-picked friendly media who emailed her questions ahead of time.

Whiter was visibly shaken on some of the questions because I’m sure she never expected to hear them. Her voice even quivered a few times as she gave us her fake smile (smirk) throughout the hour which she used attempting to paint Dixon as a divisive liar.

Whiter hasn’t been pressed on much of anything she’s done since becoming governor – from not fixing the damn roads and causing people to die of COVID-19 in nursing homes to her stance on supporting abortion up to the moment of birth.

And that’s still something Whitmer didn’t answer to at the debate even when asked (twice) a direct question about what, if any limitations, she would accept concerning abortion.

And, astonishingly, she went from talking about her support of killing babies with abortion into talking about gun control because guns are killing children.

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She was utterly clueless about how she came across. She was on live TV declaring that some child- killing is okay and some isn’t.

Dixon responded, “She’s clearly stated she has no limitations. She doesn’t even want parental consent, that’s what the proposal that she’s out there talking about every single day says.”

Whitmer then tried to pull the “mom card” even though she had just talked about her support of abortion rights. She said, “As a mom, I am furious… the number one killer of children is gun violence…”

But she’s only furious about kids who are killed with guns, not by abortion.