The J6 Committee show on Thursday was just a rehash of old material and partisan grandstanding. Their 9 to zip vote to subpoena Trump to testify is an eloquent testimony in of itself to the diversity of opinion on the committee. You could cut the sanctimony with a chainsaw yesterday, as comically solemn Dems intoned tired platitudes and pieties for the benefit of the cameras.

The excruciatingly earnest show pony antics got so absurd that at one point there was a video love letter to Nancy Pelosi, probably intended as a kiss goodbye as the Dems lose the House.

Over what seems like decades the Captain Obviouses of the bunch made a tedious point that any fair person of above average intelligence knew before the J6 ever banged down the first gavel to open.

That is, Trump is a self-obsessed loon who did everything in his power to overturn the legitimate 2020 presidential election result. As for the J6 riot, he helped to plan it, incited it, and refused to call it off despite pleas from family, senior staff, and congressional Republican leadership. The guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

But the Dems are no better and a lot less cunning if they think a televised mano y mano against Trump, a political Thrilla in Manila, will give them a boost and hurt Trump. Just the opposite will happen if Trump takes the stand. Think Ollie North, but much worse for Dems. Trump has already said he “loves” the idea of testifying. No wonder.

We’ve seen how Trump can dominate a political show, as he did the 2016 Republican presidential debates. Plus, if the GOP takes Congress the composition of the committee could change. Assuredly, Cheney and Kinzinger will be gone. In fact, who says a Speaker McCarthy would even allow the partisan out of touch group to exist anymore?

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So, this is all political theater and boring one at that. It was obviously timed to impact the midterms. But Biden’s massive screwups on the economy and crime have overshadowed any points the committee might have scored. In the end, it was just self promoting hacks blabbing to their own choir. Everybody else has moved on.

Though if Trump gets out of this deal, he very well may, he faces legal challenges on a host of other fronts. This includes a likely indictment in DC on various charges related to J6, post administration hijinks, and anything else Garland’s Gestapo can dream up. Trump will be convicted of all in front of a DC jury, but could win on appeal. That would just make him a vindicated martyr to his base. Not the outcome the Dems envisage.

So here we are. Two Ahabs, Dems and Trump, chasing each other unto the depths of the briny deep. Both obsessed, both hysterical, both bad for America. As Kissinger said about the Iran-Iraq War, “It’s a pity they both can’t lose.” If the country gets lucky, Kissinger’s wish, in this regard, will come true.

Note: I recently wrote an article in which I praised Kanye West. This was before he wrote insane illiterate antisemitic slurs in a tweet. It’s sad that he and many in black leadership are infected with this ancient and vile bacillus. Obviously, any appeal to reason or logic will fall on his tone deaf and talentless ears. Thus he should be consigned to the extreme margins of society, where bigots of any color rightfully belong.