What started the Civil War? Well, after years of polarization a spark in Charleston Harbor lit the fuse. When the South refused to accept the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln several states, South Carolina first, seceded from the Union. An American installation in the aforementioned harbor, Fort Sumter, was then fired on by Southern artillery. The war was on in April of 1861.

Well, there is a new ember of possible national conflict in Pennsylvania. The corrupt Dem-led state has decided, in an attempt to thwart the election of Mehmet Oz to the Senate, to ignore a ruling by the US Supreme Court and accept undated and dubious mail-in ballots on the upcoming midterm election day.

The gives Dems the same opportunity they had in the 2020 general election, to find out their deficit during the wee hours late Tuesday and early Wednesday and magically produce false ballots to cover what they need to win.

FNC puts it this way, “A top election official in Pennsylvania says the state will disregard the U.S. Supreme Court’s guidance on counting mail-in ballots arriving in envelopes with typos or incorrect dates, saying that the state’s Commonwealth Court has already established the practice as licit.

Pennsylvania’s election laws have historically required voters to include a signature and date on the outside of return envelopes when voting by mail.

However, acting Secretary of State Leigh Chapman announced that Pennsylvania election officials should continue counting ballots that arrive with improperly filled-out envelopes, in accordance with the Commonwealth Court’s previous ruling on the matter. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the prior decision is moot, returning to the established election laws.”

Said Chapman, “Today’s order from the U.S. Supreme Court vacating the Third Circuit’s decision on mootness grounds was not based on the merits of the issue and does not affect the prior decision of Commonwealth Court in any way.” There you have it.

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A state official has told the US Supreme Court to pound sand. The federal government under Biden will do nothing to enforce the high court ruling, as they themselves are actively engaged in the weaponization of the federal government for their own political ends.

In 1832 when South Carolina tried this nullification move over a tariff, Andy Jackson put them in their place. When in 1957 Arkansas was up to vile bigotry in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling, Ike sent the troops in. States simply don’t have the constitutional power to blow off the US Supreme Court at their political leisure. But Pennsylvania may do it, change American history by keeping the Senate in Dem hands, and get away with it.

How much more are we going to take from Dems as they do anything to hold on to power? If a spark leads to a national political fire it will come from the states. If Pennsylvania says no here, what’s to stop Texas saying no on gun control or Florida saying no on federal taxes? Then what? Dems in PA may regret the ember they have stoked. Captain John Parker, call your office.