In a Fox News exclusive on Monday, we learned from TV host Emily Compagno that “The Department of Homeland Security is looking for a new force to head to the southern border to do chores. They are recruiting defense officials on a volunteer basis to do housekeeping, prescription runs, and other menial tasks to help manage the migrant influx. All on the taxpayer’s dime.”

She talked with news correspondent Gillian Turner about the exclusive details and Turner said, “We have been given access to internal Homeland Security and Pentagon planning documents and they reveal that these voluntary military officials are going to deploy to the southern border to provide support services to migrants who are crossing into the U.S. both legally and illegally.”

She went on to show documents that Fox News obtained and said, “No experience is required. Just a willingness to serve according to this DHS memo which will cover costs for military officials to leave their jobs at the Pentagon and travel to the border for 60 days at a time. The support will help ensure that migrants arriving at the border will receive compassionate and timely care while alleviating the strain on CBP law enforcement officers so they can perform their duties along the southwest border.”

She showed a document called “Your Opportunity to Get Involved” as a DHS volunteer force and said they will be participating in basic housekeeping including picking up trash, sweeping, cleaning refrigerators, shredding paper…”

HOLD ON! Why are they shredding ANYTHING at the border???!!!

More tasks on the list includes “prescription medicine runs, and migrant personal property management…”

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Turner went on to say, “The taxpayer dollars at play here are not just the cost of the Pentagon losing their staff who will deploy for DHS. It will also have to pay for Pentagon officials to travel to the southwest border to stay there for a 60-day deployment at a time. It will also have to pay for food as well as give them a per diem.”

Instead of protecting our border, the government has morphed into processing secretaries and personal assistants to the illegal aliens. The only thing going on at the border is the Biden administration helping illegal aliens break into the country on a faster basis with as little inconvenience as possible.

And now, Biden and friends wants our U.S. military personnel to go on Walgreens runs and clean up the puke of foreigners who are entering our country illegally.

The Democrats don’t give a darn about the criminals, the terrorists, the fentanyl, the sex trafficking or any other negative outcome of having open borders.

Nope, the’ll do anything for future amnesty and votes for Democrats. The United States be damned. And we are.