According to Slay News, the Twitter account of “DeSantis War Room” has exposed a phony “charity” that advertises that they’re going to help Hurricane Ian victims, but they’re really sending money to Democrat politicians in Florida including gubernatorial Democrat candidate Charlie Christ, Rep. Val Demings and others.

The DeSantis War Room is a group that advocates for Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis and they pointed out research done by the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee about the donations.

The website asks you to “Donate to Florida Ian Response Fund” for “urgent response needs of impacted communities” as well as to “ensure equitable state and federal responses” and provide “emergency aid.”

But you have to look no further than the landing page to see that ActBlue is in charge of the donations and that the fund is anchored by leftist organizations. The page also says that donations to the Florida Ian Response Fund are NOT tax-deductible and that the fund is housed at “Organize Action,” a 501(c)4 tax exempt organization. 501(c)4 organizations are social welfare organizations that are not organized for profit but must operate exclusively to promote social welfare.

Organize Action has a platform of collaboration, efficiency and being laser-focused on the intersecting crises and challenges of combating climate change, preserving democracy and fighting for racial justice, gender equality, economic justice and human rights.

ActBlue is a group that collects contributions for Democrat candidates.

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The DeSantis War Room called the so-called hurricane fund a “left-wing dark money activist fund” and that “scamming people who want to help hurricane victims = lowest of the low.”

Scamming people after natural disasters seems to be a “thing” for the Democrats. Losing Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her cheating hubby are quite good at it. There’s Haiti. There’s Puerto Rico. And there are all of the Clinton Foundation scams, of course. When Democrats are involved, money doesn’t seem to go where it’s supposed to. Instead, it finds its way into Democrat hands and the hands of supporters for a little quid pro quo.

And what if you get caught? What if you are a Democrat and are exposed to be corrupt or incompetent – and not doing what you said you would do? Don’t worry. You just spin things in the media like Democrats always do.

Hillary wasn’t very concerned at all if any money was actually going to help Haiti after their earthquake in 2010. She was concerned about the whole thing making her look bad. Emails uncovered have Judith McHale, the Under-Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy at the time when Hillary was Secretary of State saying, “We waged a very successful campaign against the negative stories concerning our involvement in Haiti.”

Smoke and mirrors is what comes from Democrats – instead of governing, concern and money to actually help people in need.