A friend recently got into a conversation with a colleague at work and was told that the reason Democrats predominate at elite colleges is that Democrats and the left are so much more intelligent than Republicans and the right.


In fact, no. Modern events tell us a different story. The Democrats are in reality low reasoning voters, substituting hysterical emotion for logic and empirical evidence. Now, it’s not that Republicans don’t have our low reasoning voters. They are called populists and are currently the Republican majority, at least when it comes to primary voters.

But the GOP also contains a forty percent and growing traditional free market and internationalist wing of the Reagan variety who have a firm grip on reason. The Dems, on the other hand, have been all but wholly taken over by the Emos and their control of the once proud party of Grover Cleveland and Harry Truman shows no signs of abating.

The proof in the pudding is their choice of nominees. Let’s look at some of them.

Biden- We won’t belabor the point. But he’s a mentally challenged hack used as a sock puppet by his wife and the aforementioned Emo Bolsheviks. The man should be in an assisted living facility, not in the Oval Office. Is it reasonable to vote for him? Does it show an attachment to the process of coherent reasoning, given his obvious mental state and his proximity to the nuclear football?

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Fetterman- Lurch has better personal appeal. The stroke debilitated far left Frankenstein has never had an actual job. He was mayor of a town once, a town he drove into the dirt with his wacky policies. His mom and dad supported him well into his 40s and he joins Biden in the Physically and Mentally Not Able to do the Job League so popular with today’s Dems. Is he the clear choice for an intelligent person looking for a candidate ready to take on the responsibilities of a member of the US Senate? Would any individual of sound mind and even above average intellect consider him for a shift leader slot at a failing inner city car wash (apologies to Michael Shultz), much less a participant in the allegedly greatest deliberative body in the world?

Crist- This is not the Second Coming of Crist. This is like the fourth or fifth and there will likely be more. He’s one of those Dem darlings who loses, like Beto and Abrams, but still is perceived as an electoral giant. And as for consistency? Well, first he’s a Republican, then an independent, then he flirts with the Republicans. They tell him to naff off, so he then plights his everlasting troth to the Democrats and runs for any office above local ratcatcher.

These are but three of Dem offerings for office. But the evidence is clear. No voter of decent education, discerning mind, or stable emotional state would seriously support candidates like this. But they are Dem standard bearers into the November midterms and beyond. That tells us exactly what we need to know about the reasoning level of Democrats and the left.