Democrats only care about Democrats and not anyone else. They don’t even really care about Democrat voters except when they vote. Their elitist lifestyles and quest for power drives everything they do.

Because they took away the energy independence that Trump gave us and because they are stopping every possible way for us to get our own oil – and spending all of our taxpayer dollars on their green energy plans – gee, shocker that gas prices have become unaffordable.

Yes, Democrats actually WANT gas prices unaffordable to “drive” us all into electric cars and have admitted as much – but they pretend they care and they do their stunts to save themselves and alter our perception of reality.

The only time that Democrats DON’T want gas prices to be unaffordable is when there’s an election coming up.

Unfortunately, Biden couldn’t persuade the Saudi’s to wait to cut their oil production until after the elections. So what’s a corrupt president to do? Breitbart reports that Biden is going to release more oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve.


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It’s been reported that President Disaster will announce that he’s going to release another 15 million more barrels to try to keep gas prices down before the midterms. It’s a move that completes his directive to release 180 million barrels altogether. Although, according to the Wall Street Journal, he’s already released over 200 million barrels – more than all previous presidents combined.

We are already sitting at our lowest level since 1984. And it just keep going down and down.

In addition to depleting our oil reserves, Biden and the Democrats are so desperate to win the elections, that the Biden administration is actually considering a ban on oil exports. Not necessarily because it’s good for the country, but because it might be good for the Democrat party.

The current average gas price across the United States, according to AAA, is $3.85 a gallon but many others are feeling the pain like in Los Angeles County where it’s about $6.46 a gallon.

Those digital gas signs we see everyday are the best campaign signs the Republicans can possibly have to persuade people to vote the Democrats out of office and the Democrats know it.

Hence, we’re in an “emergency” to temporarily lower the price to fill up your gas tank.
Long term, the Dems don’t really give a crap and will be happy when you are all paying $8/gallon.