How are things going in YOUR hometown? Hunkey-dory? Swimmingly? Wonderful? Even pleasant?

Or is your gas $4.50 a gallon and your grocery bill is almost twice what it used to be – and the products that you buy have all shrunk in size and quantity but they cost more.

Is the restaurant you like to go to closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and the local 7-11 is closed so sporadically you have no idea when they are open? Are there “Help wanted” signs everywhere?

Does it take weeks to get a part for your lawn mower or your SUV to get something fixed because of labor problems and supply chain issues?

Is it unsafe to walk around your neighborhood because of the homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks with needles next to them and increased crime problems?

Is this the America you want to live in? Not most people. Not even Democrats.

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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And if you have a Democrat in your town who is running for office who agrees with all of the social justice let-the-criminals out without bail nonsense and teaching transgenderism and CRT in local schools – and supporting the “Defund the Police” movement, green energy plans and all of the other Democrat polices that have caused the economy to tank, chances are, the odds are good they won’t be elected in November if people truly know what they stand for.

Voters want to feel safe in their cities and have a shot at prosperity – or even paying their bills. And they want workers in their stores so they can get what they need.

Where have all the workers gone? The pandemic, along with Democrat policies of extended unemployment and bonus benefits, early child tax credits and stimulus payments as well as baby boomers retiring early contributed to the mass exodus of workers, especially in Michigan. But many of them haven’t come back. Have they moved out of state? What’s going on?

Mike Rowe of Fox Business’How America Works” was on Fox News on Monday after the network reported that Biden said that the economy was “strong as hell.”

Rowe’s show is an hour-long series that showcases people who work round-the-clock to keep our infrastructure in working order.

Biden, during another ice cream stop, was being his usual delusional self talking about how great our economy is and discussing two things Americans don’t care about – the deficit and inflation in other countries.

Rowe said, “It’s funny, for as long as I remember, the smart money has been on a platitude that goes along the lines of ‘all politics are local.’ Things matter in your zip code, things matter in your community, your state, obviously in your country…it’s very consistent…the people I talk to will decide this election around the kitchen table, not on Twitter. It’s super-personal. It’s super-local. It’s right down to the, never mind the zip code, it’s down to the street where you live. That’s what I see everywhere I go. And genuine concern. Genuine fear that a few minutes ago you guys were showing images that were run directly counter to things that we’re hearing. And it’s hard not to think of the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’…it’s hard not to think of that kid in the crowd looking out there at a ‘secure’ border as 10,000 people come across it… or a ‘successful’ withdrawal from Afghanistan as people fall from the sky – or any number of things where what we see seems to contradict what we’re hearing.”

Rowe was also on The Brian Kilmeade Show recently where he discussed all of the missing people in the workforce. He talked about the labor participation rate and the millions of missing workers. He said, “I do think with regard to that workforce participation rate, that to me is the most chilling metric of all. It’s more chilling than the latest report card because it’s an indication of what’s to come…Seven million able- bodied men between the ages of 25 and 54 are not only not working. They are affirmatively not looking for work. They’ve punched out. They’re done…Today you have 11 million open jobs…So what’s really happening in the country now that scares me right to my core fundamentally is that we’ve never had so much unrealized opportunity and so little enthusiasm for it.”

As long as Democrats remain in power, things don’t have a chance of improving – they will only get worse.

More closed stores, more high prices, more labor shortages, more crime…

And everyone knows it. The question is… is the hatred of Donald Trump and the support for abortion more important that what’s going on in the real lives of people in their communities? We’ll find out in about two weeks.