The Democratic nominee for governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs, doesn’t want to debate her Republican opponent Kari Lake. There’s a lot of that going around considering how miserably these Democratic candidates are doing when they go up against the Republicans. Democrats John Fetterman and Gretchen Whitmer come to mind.

But they don’t just want to control the debates and the narrative, they want to control the election vote counting as well.

In order to make sure their voters are protected against “potential fraud” the rural Arizona county of Conchise County approved a measure that would require a full hand count following the election on November 8th. They had a four-hour public meeting and ended up voting 2-1 to approve the measure.

Now the county is being threatened for trying to protect their voters. State Elections Services Director Kori Lorick (who serves under Secretary of State Katie Hobbs) said they would face a lawsuit because of the passing of the measure – and it might also result in withholding of state funds to Conchise County.

Hobbs, the challenger of rising Republican star Kari Lake doesn’t appear to want any sort of vote verification.

Lorick wrote in her letter that the measure adopted was illegal and “risks the integrity and accuracy of the election.” She calls the effort “misguided” and she said she intends to take legal action.

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What’s misguided is that Hobbs was allowed to remain the Secretary of State while she’s running for the governor’s office. It’s a blatant conflict of interest. Her office is the referee of the football game.

Lorick went on to say that the Board doesn’t even have the authority to hand count the votes even if only to audit the machine-tabulated results.

Thomas Jefferson said, “We do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”

The Democrats are always seems to be doing their best to make sure to control that voter participation and who might and might not be counted.