CBS News/YouGov recently released a poll that said 52% of likely general election voters in Michigan were perfectly fine with all of the draconian tyrannical lockdown rules that Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer implemented during the pandemic.

Perhaps these idiots forgot what actually happened? How soon people forget things. BIG things.

How could these people possibly tell the pollsters that Whitmer’s handling of the pandemic will make no difference in whether they vote for her this fall???

Maybe they forgot what happened. Or that she can do it again.

Were they okay that they weren’t able to go see their parents in nursing homes and hospitals?

Were they okay that they couldn’t get married or have funerals?

Do you support individual military members being able to opt out of getting the COVID vaccine?

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Were they okay that they weren’t able to get cancer screenings or get life-saving surgeries or dental work?

Were they okay that their kids couldn’t go to school?

Were they okay with Whitmer sending COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes?

Were they okay that they lost their jobs and their businesses were closed?

Were they okay that they couldn’t get products or services because Whitmer shut down “non-essential” businesses – except of course, liquor stores and abortion clinics.

Were they okay driving around “ghost towns” and not having any interactions with co- workers, friends, family or anyone else in the human race?

Were they okay with mandated vaccines, masks and constantly having to keep up with the next Executive Order coming out of Whitmer’s office?

Almost 200 Executive Orders in all – finally deemed to be unconstitutional per the Michigan Constitution as the Michigan Supreme Court told her. But that didn’t stop her because then she governed through the Health Department.

The CBS poll reported that only 26% of those who responded said that the issue of the coronavirus was “very important” to them; 34% said “somewhat important” and 40% said “not too” or “not important.”

In another part of the poll, when asked if the policies put in place by Whitmer were too strict, 43% of the people said yes, 14% said “not strict enough” and another 43% said “about right.” Even 18% of the Republicans polled said the policies were “about right” even though 47% of them identified as being a part of the MAGA movement.

The CBS News/YouGov survey used a sample of 1,285 U.S. registered voters in Michigan who were interviewed between October 3rd and 6th. The margin of error is approximately 3.6%.

I say that in reality, the margin of error had better be 30.6% or we need to kick a bunch of people out of the state.