Need I remind you how corrupt the Democrat run FBI and DOJ are? Seriously, folks.

Having a special master to look over Trump’s seized documents from Mar-a-Lago means nothing. The powers-that-be have already looked at everything and made copies of what they need to make copies of – and planted whatever “evidence” they needed to plant – and get rid of anything incriminating against them.

Why do we know they’ve done this? Because they’ve done much worse. They will go to any lengths they need to in order to get rid of Trump because he’s got their number and knows how crooked they are.

It’s been 30 days since the raid at Mar-a-Lago and that’s a lot of time to put every available Trump-hating Biden-Harris administration person on the case to look through the papers to get documents to try to bury the president. They don’t just want to keep Trump out of the 2024 presidential race, they also want to put him in jail.

The Trump-hating DOJ has had 30 days/720 hours to go through Trump’s papers, take photos and make copies. Even if they only work 12 hours a day and not round-the- clock, that’s 360 hours per person to take care of things.

Tax records, medical records, attorney-client privilege information… they have it all – and no special master is going to do anything to stop the DOJ from having a copy of every scrap to use in the future to leak to the media or use in any way they chose.

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So Trump is handed a “win” that doesn’t mean anything at all except maybe to slow down the process a bit.