The race to be governor of Michigan looks to be a one-sided race. Michigan incumbent Governor Gretchen Whitmer has been running anti-Tudor Dixon ads since the day Dixon got the Republican nomination but the Dixon campaign is largely invisible to voters in Michigan on TVs all across the state.

I recently turned on Fox News during my lunch break and do you know what I saw? A pro-Whitmer ad (from her campaign) about how great she is for Michigan business and how she’s helping with supply chain and chip manufacturing. Then right after that? An anti-abortion Tudor Dixon ad about abortion.

Whitmer is on Fox News more than Dixon is. I have two problems with this.

#1 – Why is Fox News accepting Whitmer ads? I have not seen a single anti-Whitmer ad on CNN or MSNBC.

#2 – Where in the world is Tudor Dixon?

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There are only 41 days left until the November election and Tudor Dixon is nowhere to be found. I see no ads running from her campaign or any of the PACs who support her.

About the only time I hear about Dixon is when the fake news media is talking about her. Last week instead of the voters seeing Whitmer and her Lt. Gov. Standing next to a half naked drag queen, voters heard about a quip that Dixon made about the Whitmer kidnapping because that’s what the Democrats want to talk about.

The Democrats and the media (same thing I know) are the ones controlling what the public sees and hears about Tudor Dixon and if she doesn’t start having some immediate and effective pushback against that, we’re going to end up with four more years of Whitmer.