Unvaccinated students in Washington DC will not be able to get an education starting in January of 2023. Democrat tyrannical leftist Mayor Muriel Bowser and the DC Council say that vaccines are mandatory in schools – even though they do nothing to protect the spread of the virus or infection. However, when you are ruled over by democrats, facts are unimportant and should not get in the way of these despots.

The vaccine mandates will disproportionately affect black students because 47% of black kids in Washington DC between the ages of 12-15 and 42% between the ages of 16-17% have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccination according to city data.

The DC Council had passed legislation in December of last year requiring students to get vaccinated against COVID-19 before the 2022-2023 school year started.

Originally, Bowser’s lovely “No Shots, No School” dictate was to start November 4th but the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education said that the vaccine mandate would not be enforced until January 3, 2023.

What are the options for these unvaccinated kids to get educated? There are none. They don’t even have virtual learning set up in DC. That’s how backwards and asinine these Democrats in DC are. I guess the kiddos can sleep in every day now, smoke pot, play video games and text their friends all day.

In a comment to the Daily Signal, Bowser said, “We’re not offering remote learning for children, and families will need to comply with what is necessary to come to school.”

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So it’s her way or the highway.
Democrats are just lovely people, aren’t they?