I seriously think this is best for the country – for everyone involved. Let’s all live in a country that is acceptable to all us and let the chips fall where they may. I am hereby declaring four new countries based on the Declaration of Independence and its promise that we can alter or abolish the current form of government when it becomes destructive. It is WAAAAAY past that point.

I am constructing the following un-united countries out of what is currently deemed to be the “United” States of America.

#1 – Conservatives (Libertyland)
#2 – RINOS and liberals (Appeasementland) #3 – Progressive radical leftists (Psycholand) #4 – Illegal aliens (Foreignland)

Since I’m making up the rules, I’ve decided the states I want for Libertyland for various selfish reasons are Michigan, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, Idaho, Hawaii, Alaska and Utah. Some of these choices have to do with weather, some have to do with favorite football teams, others are chosen for natural resources.

The illegal aliens can have California – with visiting privileges for the people who live in Psycholand. In fact, I have some friends and family who will be living in Appeasementland and Psycholand so I’m going to designate Kansas as a neutral place where we can all visit each other. Kansas will be filled with only my favorite fast food chains: Sonic, Boston Market, Golden Corral, KFC, and Qdoba – and Phil Collins and Genesis music will be played in the lobbies of all hotels, retail stores and other places of human congregation.

The folks in Appeasementland and Psycholand can argue amongst themselves about how to split up the rest of the states that I haven’t designated for occupation.

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Libertyland, obviously, will be a great place for freedom and prosperity.

We will follow the Constitution and have an untouchable Bill of Rights; no one will be censored on social media or anywhere else; there will be no illegal aliens allowed in our country and no gun regulations; every rule in the federal register will be abolished; our combined taxes will not rise above 5%; animal shelters will all be no-kill shelters; police, fire and roads will all be fully funded; we’ll also have a well-funded volunteer army to defend us against countries #2, #3 and #4…We will have free and fair elections and low crime because criminals who commit five misdemeanors or two felonies will be put in jail for life (no plea deals) and if they get convicted of committing any crimes with guns, they will get the same treatment. This is just the starting point of what I envision for Libertyland.

The rest of the countries can do whatever they want and use their time and money to worry about pronouns and CRT and all of their BS priorities. They can keep their CNN and MSNBC propagandists on TV to lie to their subjects. I really don’t care. Let the nut jobs steal all of their inhabitant’s money and force them into servitude. But watch out, Appeasementland and Foreignland, because Psycholand will doing everything in their power to take you over.

Meanwhile, us happy folks in Libertyland will have guns, fossil fuel, cars, tanks and hunting/ fishing to keep us going for a long long time.